www.hg.126.com Alarei ’s messy and beautiful hairstyle, such as Fan Bingbing, Gao Yuanyuan, and other actresses followed

Alarei ’s messy and beautiful hairstyle, such as Fan Bingbing, Gao Yuanyuan, and other actresses followed

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Old knife cigarette

Often uttered the amazing Alale childlike words, which made us laugh a lot in where my father went, and also caused a new round of hair fashion trends!

let's start! Well, the whole "do not wake up" like Ala Lei, intentionally or unintentionally exudes lazy and casual charm. This "do not wake up" is also called "lazy roll", that is, the volume of the hair curler is naturally random, and the curls are less or relatively scattered.

Anyway, the key words of "lazy roll" are: micro roll, messy.

Don't say it

Ala Lei Jie, Fan Bingbing and Quan Zhixian have to follow suit ~

Although black and straight Fan Ye is also very nice (after all, the beauty of the world)

But it does n’t feel like it ’s styling and easy to look tired.

And the curl of this huge wave

Looks a little anxious and charming ...

A slightly random curl in the middle and lower sections of long hair

Create a "lazy roll" with a margin

The face value doubles immediately

The slight "lazy roll" at the end of the hair is also beautiful

Since Angelababy with a small north nose

The cut bangs are so tender

The lazy roll at the end of the hair is also a beautiful international laziness

Whether attending parties or fashion street shooting everyday,

"Lazy Roll" almost became Liu Wen's signature hairstyle

Hot mom Cecilia Cheung wants to make a lazy roll even in a fashion magazine

Give people a comfortable kick

Adding “Slacker Roll” to the sugar candy in love

Hidden shortcomings of big foreheads and feminine

Compared to silly white sweet candy,

We prefer her sister Fan

And "lazy roll" added a lot of fashion sense to her

But also more aura

LOB popular from last year to this year

Big power has really been at the forefront of fashion these past two years.


Don't be embarrassed when she keeps her hair now

Still with the "lazy roll" to achieve a new height

In fact, it looks a bit like WOB when you take it seriously.

It ’s just that the curl is not that big but it is obvious

Clear sense of layering and fashionableness

"Lazy Roll" Apple Head

Playful and cute

Liu Shishi, who is about to open a husband and wife shop

From the head of the LOB to the long-haired version of the "lazy roll"

The lazy scroll is also often suitable for the elegant temperament of poetry

The baby Ying from "Lazy Man Juan" is fair and cute

Adding bangs like Qiao Mei is also very young

"Lazy roll" is not a patent for long hair

Gao Yuanyuan, who had just cut short hair some time ago

To incorporate the essence of "lazy roll"

Makes hair look much fluffy

Song Qian will be Liu Haier,

The hair ends are slightly rolled out,

The whole shape instantly became energetic

Yun'er's lazy man is impeccably beautiful

Spicy spend a lot of money to make hairstyles, but the mushrooms who failed failed to cry. Instead of being fooled by "disobedient" hair stylist, "lazy roll" became a popular fashion at random ~


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