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Don't lose a good person

Public number: Signature of Healing Department Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:05:15

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Life is a hard journey. I have only known tiredness for a long time.

Life is a trek, and after a long journey, I know the difficulties.

Life doesn't need gorgeous coats,

And do n’t need sweet talk,

What is needed is to pass each day blandly.

For a lifetime, the road accompanied by someone will never feel bitter;

If someone is tired, it wo n’t hurt anymore.

Between people, one choice;

Between the heart, a thought.

A choice ever familiar or unfamiliar;

An idea is just a stone's throw away.

Not all hearts can hurt,

Not everyone can miss it.

Sometimes, one injury is a lifetime;

A miss is irreparable.

Treating people's hearts requires sincerity;

Dealing with feelings requires heart.


Some people try their best to treasure you, but you don't care;

A heart has been waiting for you, but you have turned a blind eye.

How much love is not valued, so go away;

How many figures are not cherished and become back figures.

Feelings, do not discuss right and wrong, only true or not;

Fate, don't talk about the long and short, but regret it.

The person who puts you in your heart may just stay peacefully;

Always see you as the only one, maybe just waiting silently.

Signature of Healing Department (zhiyuqianming100)

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