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San Francisco's 2017 Summer Student Program Launches to Promote 7,000 Summer Internships

Public number: Bay Area Online Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:05:11

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San Francisco Mayor Li Mengxian and the Bay Area United Treasury held a press conference on March 31 in the Green Hall of the San Francisco War Memorial, announcing the start of the 2017 Summer Youth Employment Project initiated by the Mayor. Li Mengxian challenged public and private companies to hire young student apprentices and interns this summer. Representatives of several municipal government departments, private enterprises and community agencies attended the press conference. Representatives of these institutions are expected to commit to hiring 6,100 summer students at the scene, with the goal of achieving 7,000 San Francisco students receiving internships or apprenticeships during the summer. A representative of the Citibank Foundation submitted a project donation of RMB 535,000 to Mayor Li Mengxian. Bay Area Union Treasurer Eric McDonnell chaired the press conference process.

A representative of the Citibank Foundation submitted a donation of RMB 55,000 to the Mayor Li Mengxian. (Photo by Overseas Chinese reporter Wu Zhuoming)

Li Mengxian said that students are the future of San Francisco, and hiring students to work in the summer represents the future of investing in San Francisco. Summer work can provide them with their first job experience and experience, which is conducive to their future growth and development. He recalled his first job on the farm, which allowed him to learn a lot of work skills, but also to learn respect and responsibility. He pointed out that San Francisco's unemployment rate has now fallen to 3%. If this 3% occurred to all San Francisco citizens, his mayor would be much easier. The problem is that 3% of San Francisco residents are not working, including some disadvantaged. Groups of teenage students who need to get jobs, improve their lives, learn, and increase their self-confidence. He called on municipal government departments, private companies and community agencies to hire as many summer students as possible and give them opportunities to enter society.

Mayor Li Mengxian called on city government departments, private companies and community service agencies to actively hire summer students to bring their first work experience and opportunities to young students. (Photo by Overseas Chinese reporter Wu Zhuoming)

This year is the sixth year the mayor has proposed to hire summer students. In the past five years, more than 35,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 24 have been employed as summer workers. These summer and apprenticeships provide beneficiaries with valuable work experience and promote their better academic performance and career development in the real world.

The Bay Area United Treasury has been an active supporter, participant, and leader of the event. In addition, the city government departments that strongly support the event include: Youth and Family Services, the Department of Economic and Labor Development, and the San Francisco Unified School District.

Since 2012, Mayor Li Mengxian has challenged San Francisco's non-profit community agencies, government agencies, and private companies to hire summer youth students. More than 150 private companies, including: Starbucks Coffee, Target Supermarket, FibroGen, LinkedIn social networking site and Salesforce, have participated in this hiring summer student program. In addition, more than 50 government departments and 60 non-profit community service agencies participated in the project. They provide students with jobs in dozens of fields such as arts, computer science, retail, banking and finance, engineering, horticulture and environmental design.

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Bay Area Union Treasurer Anne Wilson said the agency's commitment to San Francisco's younger generation is a commitment to San Francisco's future. The agency believes that young people's job opportunities should not be based on the region. Now is the time to lay the foundation for future success. Together, we can change society, promote the younger generation to get job opportunities, promote their upward development, and become the future development of San Francisco. Building girders.

Three former summer working students also shared their feelings and experiences in doing summer work with the people present. Summer students or employers interested in participating in the program can visit www.sfyouthjobs.com or call 311 or 211 for enquiries.

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