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Azalea cuttings, 1 pot into 10 pots

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Spring is here, and the temperature is just right. Many flowers can be cut to survive at this time. Today, I will show you how to cut azaleas. As long as you fold a branch, you can easily breed from dozens of pots. It sounds like a great deal!

1. Branch selection

The cuttings used for cuttings must be robust, half-woody branches of half a year to a year, with a length of about 8-10 inside, and the cuts must be beveled. In order to reduce water loss, remove the lower leaves, leaving only 2-3, and cut the leaves Off average or 2/3.

2. Soaking root water

Soak the cut branches in the rooting solution for about 24 hours. I use homemade root water from willow branches, or I can use root powder directly.

3. Cutting bed

Rhododendron cuttings are best treated with acid soil. The general soil ratio is peat soil: garden soil: coconut bran = 4: 3: 3. The soil should be thoroughly poured before cuttings.

4. Cuttings

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Put a few holes in the prepared pot soil, insert the soaked branches into the holes, and compact with your fingers.

5. Post-insertion management

Pour enough water and put it in a cool place. If the humidity is low, you can wrap it in a plastic film on the flowerpot. After about three weeks, the cuttings will adapt to the new environment and can be transferred to a bright place and properly basked in the sun.

6, divide basin

Rooting takes place 50 to 60 days after cutting, and the surface plastic film can be removed after rooting to ensure air circulation. Water one morning and one night. After another month, the roots are plump and can be planted in pots, preferably in pots with a diameter of 10 cm.

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