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:文字之学,即古人所称之"小学",为历代书家所重。 Editor's note : The study of text, which the ancients called "primary school", has been emphasized by scholars of all ages. In the history of Chinese culture for more than five thousand years, Chinese characters have undergone the evolution of glyphs such as Oracle, Bronze Inscriptions, Li, Li, Cao, Xing and Kai. Today, when we admire from an aesthetic perspective, the calligraphy of various styles shows different aesthetic values due to their unique aesthetic characteristics. Undoubtedly, the study of philology is of great significance in promoting contemporary calligraphy learning and creation. In view of this, we have launched the "Word of the Day" section.

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Ji, both voice and form, expresses joy. (糸,红绸带) (吉,喜庆),表示喜庆的绸带。 Knot, inscription (糸, red silk ribbon) (ji, festive), means festive ribbon. The original meaning of the word creation: During the ancient wedding ceremony, the groom used a red silk ribbon to pull the bride into the cave. The red silk ribbon was worn in the middle of the dead band, symbolizing that the marriage between them was firmly connected and cannot be broken down.

将篆文的“糸” 写成 Lishu wrote "糸" in the scriptures .

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Yuan · Zhao Mengfu · Liuti Qianzi

Yuan · Zhao Mengfu · Liuti Qianzi

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