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[Healthy life] Sleep quality determines physical condition These two sleeping positions are healthier

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We all know that falling asleep, insomnia can disrupt endocrine, increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and increase the risk of cancer. Is that the better you sleep? How long is it best for our body to sleep? then, let's watch it together:

Sleep determines your physical condition

Nowadays, they all use "big data" to talk about the relationship between sleep time and death risk, and there are many large sample studies abroad. 少于4.4 小时或高于9.5 小时,死亡危险率会翻倍增高。 The study hairstyle sleep time was between 5.5 and 7.4 hours, with the lowest mortality; less than 4.4 hours or more than 9.5 hours, the risk of death would double.

In addition to sleep time, poor sleep is also a big problem, poor sleep determines what illness you get! Sleeping is just as important as the need to eat, drink, and exercise. However, when we are sleeping, we are completely unaware of the difference between our bodies and when we are awake during the day, and we cannot feel the difference, so we cannot directly recognize the harm of not sleeping well or sleeping too much. To understand this, you need the monitoring of modern scientific instruments. Unexpectedly, our state of sleep is very different from when we are awake, and if we do n’t sleep well, our organs will lose our temper, premature aging, dementia, gastrointestinal diseases, and heart disease will really come to your door! Let's take a look at what risks poor sleep can bring to our body

睡不好会增加老年痴呆风险。 Brain: After sleeping, it will organize information and clean up metabolic waste. If you do n't sleep well , you will increase the risk of dementia.

Heart: After falling asleep, blood pressure and heart rate decrease, and rest begins. 睡眠少于6 小时,多于8 小时,增加心脏负担,提升心脏病风险。 If you sleep less than 6 hours and longer than 8 hours, you increase your heart burden and your risk of heart disease.

Digestive system: slows down the gastrointestinal motility after falling asleep. 长时间工作、睡眠不足,会影响肠道功能,惹上各类肠胃病。 Long hours of work and insufficient sleep can affect bowel function and cause various gastrointestinal diseases.

Respiratory system: The frequency is slightly lower after falling asleep, and it proceeds regularly. Poor sleep can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, and so on.

睡不好肾脏功能快速衰退,导致浮肿、乏力。 Kidney: After falling asleep, the filtering function will be slowed down, and the kidney function will decline quickly if you don't sleep well.

睡不好会影响血液循环和呼吸。 Muscle: Muscles will relax after falling asleep. Poor sleep will affect blood circulation and breathing.

Sleep is the top priority for health


Some people pay special attention to health, but the original disease is still not good, and even the new disease will gradually increase. When I ask, I know that everything else is done, but I can't sleep well. As everyone knows, sleeping is the top priority for health. Problems while sleeping can also be resolved while sleeping. Take sleeping pills? No, just change your sleeping position.


Kidney yang is equivalent to the real fire of Mingmen-the key to the size of a vitality is to see if the Yang qi is sufficient. Posing this posture of being sun-ridden is to help the adequacy of kidney yang, so the effect of nourishing kidney is very obvious.

This position is to lie down with your body flat, your hips relaxed, your legs like loops, and your feet facing each other. It is best to keep your heels facing the perineum (if you can bear the perineum). Then place your palms near the base of your thighs with your palms facing your abdomen. Lying on the back because of the large area of the bed, less pressure, the body is easier to relax. The relaxation of the body plus a certain posture can quickly fill the yang and kidney qi.

2, mixed yuan lying

After one month of recumbent repose, the higher-level practice is mixed retreat. The posture is still supine, with the feet facing each other, with both hands crossing their fingers and covering the Baihui acupoint above the head. By practicing returning to the sun and lying down, you can quickly fill up the yang energy!

It should be noted that adolescents and those with yin deficiency constitution should lie alone with mixed yuan. 练习还阳卧、混元卧时,忌熬夜、忌食辛辣油腻,也不宜使用电热毯。 Because of this group of people with hyperactive yang, returning to the sun will bleed air, leading to male nocturnal emission and female leucorrhea; the elderly, those with severe yang deficiency and cold, palace dysmenorrhea, and infertility, should also use the sun. Nourish qi and yang; when you practice lying in the sun and lying down, avoid staying up late, eat spicy and greasy, and do not use electric blankets. Sexual excitement occurs during practice, and you should not let your spirits escape. Immediately inhale deeply, put the tongue against the palate, lift the anus and abdomen, close your eyes and recuperate. Focus on Baihui points above your head, and calm your mind .

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