hg1700.com When you all say that "Ki Qiu Sai" is not good, I want to talk about the advantages of Season 4

When you all say that "Ki Qiu Sai" is not good, I want to talk about the advantages of Season 4

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As soon as Zhang Quanling said the data, I thought that if any of the defenders said so, it would probably be approved again.

Qi Qi said that the original distinctive style has become blurred ... The Qi Qi debate has become more and more normal ...

There is also a strong demand for the dirty power Ma Dongdong to return to the presidency!



After watching the first episode, how to say it, a little disappointed.

The whole scene looked very messy, and everyone's debates were quite thin except Rujing and CEO.

It may be because there are more mentors and many statements and speeches of the back row defenders have been cut off.




的典型负面点评。 This is the typical negative comments of the two viewers in the comment area on "Qihua Shuo 4" . In Douban, it also hit its lowest score since its launch in 4 seasons.


Don't forget, this is another variety show for the fourth season. This innate condition is destined to carry more expectations.

There are not many shows on the market for the fourth season. The fourth season of "I am a singer" is mediocre, but the music is the strongest in the four seasons. In the fourth quarter of "Running Brothers", the "traditional culture" and "horizontal combination" are forcibly enforced.

But the fourth season of "Where's Dad" was not so lucky, it almost didn't air. "China Good Voice" in the fourth quarter, who is the champion?


Therefore, the "fourth season" is not a curse, but a miracle product of the audiovisual industry. For the audience, he needs to weigh a lot of change and constant. 好莱坞大片只做它的“三部曲”,一定是有他的道理的。 Therefore, Hollywood blockbusters only make its "trilogy", it must have his reason.


After two days of meditation and repeated watching, Umemaru still believes that "Qi Qi Shuo 4" has not deteriorated.

But it is also true that the reputation of the show has declined. In the final analysis, the reason that makes many people uncomfortable is that the program has reduced the "blank" of "accidents" and has become more and more framed and modular.

Because when we worry about whether the two "new tutors" have entered the state, the show group is even more worried about how much time they have to express.


And this, there is a gap between your psychological expectations.


What are you looking forward to? How many more "Big Buddhas" gave a fatal blow to the powerful meddling? There are also surprise attacks that are excited every time, and that the back row strangely increases the drama and steals the mirror?


In the first two installments, none of these. No, the program has become more "positive" and more regular.


The root cause is that there are more elements and more people.


In the first two issues, Xin Qiyun was responsible for shallow discussions, Lao Qiyun was responsible for grabbing logic and "finding", while senior Qihuang was responsible for "upgrading".

There are more novelties, 11 more places. Therefore, the entire schedule of "The Legend of Exotic Flowers" must revolve around the promotion and elimination of 11 new Exotic Flowers.

In specific debates, everyone has become more labelled.

The novelty has tens of thousands of identities. They are obviously not the best debaters, but they provide a flawed but unexpected perspective. Guo An fan Wu Di used football to explain all the arguments, which will always be controversial.

刘楠,总是用她的妈妈思维、管理公司的逻辑打辩论,永远都是有她的道理的。 But Liu Nan, the female CEO of a listed company , always uses her mother's thinking and the logic of managing the company to debate, and always has her reason.


Rock singer Zang Hongfei has a wonderful rap, and he can say, "Every spring in the East Fourth Ring CBD, you can grow a lot of directors and screenwriters as long as you water the lawn." stammer.


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And the old fans are masters of skills and abilities. This time, they chose to raise the topic to a new dimension.


For example, the debate in the second issue is, "The city air of struggle is getting worse and worse, do you want to leave?" One of the arguments of Zheng Fang Huang Zhizhong was: "The greatest pride of a country is that he has cultivated a group of delicate people."

The opponent Chen Mingshunshui pushed the boat: "What about the pride of the people?"


For intellectuals and media elites, This is a wonderfully idealistic confrontation.

But this is a variety show after all.

Once the variety show cannot rise to the national discourse without exception, it will always cause some people to resent it. This may be one of the reasons why some people don't like "Kingdom Talk 4".


Is something wrong with the argument?

Neither is it. In a previous article by Ume Maru, it was mentioned that the biggest difference between "The Legend of Qi Bi" and other imitators is the "scenarioization of the argument." Tiny incisions and topical issues will allow the debaters to immerse themselves into the scene described in the debate.


This season is the same. In the past, there were "Would you like a bed in a big city or a house in a small city?"



There is also an increase in mentors.

There are two new mentors, and one more wonderful speaker. So they have to allocate the right to speak in each issue.


He Yan was assigned the process of reading advertisements and cue. In the past, this division of labor didn't need to be so fine-laughing and chanting advertising words is the process.


He Zheng's joining is more like an objective promotion of Ma Dong's requirements for transformation.

Ma Dongdong maintained a neutral identity for three seasons. He wanted to express and develop too many things, and this time he might be ruined.


The remaining four mentors were evenly divided on schedule, so they had the concept of "experienced mentors".


结合两期节目里张泉灵和罗胖的表现, 你会发现所谓的“下凡导师”,实际上并没有“下凡”。 But if you take this concept and combine the performances of Zhang Quanling and Luo Fat in the two episodes, you will find that the so-called "Xia Fan Men" is actually not "Xia Fan".

Their "controversy" is more like being responsible for restarting the proposition and re-arguing from their free perspective.

Judging from the effect, this is no different from the previous "Ma Xiaokang" sitting on the speaker's seat.


Therefore, I thought that neither the "scenarioization" of the argument nor the design of the instructor showed any signs of deterioration. It just creates a brand new "ecology": how to take care of all the characters in the show after the new characters are introduced.

Don't worry, the first two episodes only completed the first step: let everyone newcomer speak.

The next question that needs to be answered is: How to make every newcomer say "strange"?

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