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A set of refreshing brain maps suitable for adults. Which one have you hit?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Lonely Empty Court

FRM金融风险管理师 2017-04-08 FRM Financial Risk Manager

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ID: QQ_shijuezhi

someone said

Heard a lot of truth

But still have a bad life

After listening, do you really understand?

After reading this group of pictures, maybe I understand


After wearing the mask for a long time, I took it off and found it.

I have become a mask


When you are on your phone

When you think of others as scenery

You become a landscape yourself


Question: I have read so many books and many have forgotten them. What use is there for reading?

Answer: The books you read are like the meals you have eaten. They have already been incorporated into your bones and flesh, and you have become what you are today.


Something not worth mentioning in your eyes

May be treasured in the eyes of others

What you squander is exactly what others want


When you are growing up happily

Parents are busy with housework

When you feel like your childhood is fleeting

They do n’t have much time left


Suddenly understood what the chopsticks brother "Father" sang:

"Always ask you but never thank you ..."


Some men are too busy to take care of their families

Absence from child growth

But they are also using their own way

Pay for this home


Truly happy family

Must be their respective duties, give each other


What kind of parents

What kind of child


Have to admit

Children today

Repeating our old path


If you want to harm others

Someone will definitely hurt you


Minded person

Is never good for sleep


Many times forced to survive

Can only look good

16-3 mist


What others can do

May not be suitable for you

Don't imitate blindly


In business society

No bullets needed to kill someone

Just suck the money out of his pocket


Do n’t think that only the one who has the knife is the murderer

Strange eyes can also kill people


In this world

No friends forever

Only forever


Why do people grow up more lonely?

Because the older you grow, the smaller your heart


Friends will help you troubleshoot

Not to cause trouble

I can force you to forsake all friendship

Not friendship at all


Behind everyone

Have an unknown side

You never know

What will your kindness bring

twenty one

If the direction is wrong

The harder the more miserable

twenty two

It takes a thousand words to please someone

Destroy a person in just one sentence

twenty three

If the woman is a library

Men can't read a lifetime

twenty four

If you always want to rely on men

Then you will be upset every day

Because there will always be a day


It ’s better to rely on yourself than to rely on yourself

Although the process of self-modeling is painful

But I will eventually meet a more beautiful self

Which one hit you?

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