www 1717hg com Review of the wonderful works of Tongling College Network Culture Festival 2017

Review of the wonderful works of Tongling College Network Culture Festival 2017

Public number: Cuihu Youth Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:04:49

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Classic lines from Yueguang Treasure Box

Network Culture Festival

It's like the candy that has been eating for a long time melts in your mouth

It's like listening to the song for a long time in the room

It's like a long-written diary left in the drawer

They are slowly forgotten over time


Sweetness of candy


The mystery of the diary

These good things will not disappear as given by the Internet Culture Festival

in contrast

It's like a fine wine

Longer time

More mellow

All around is gentle

——Photographed from 16 law, civil and commercial products

I remember, how about you

——Adapted from 16 International Trade Huang Ying

Gradient warmth

——Photographed by Jia Daren from the 16th Conference

May you still be a teenager when you return from half your life

——Adapted from 16 Zhuo Hui Ji Rui

I am in the scenery of others

——Photographed by 16 logistics Li Hanqiu

This is a big love song

——Adapted from the 16th Session of Jiao Qianyun


But the blue sky and white clouds remain

——Photographed by 16 International Trade 2 + 2 Liu Chang

Spring wind ten miles, fifty miles, one hundred miles

Eight hundred miles on the side of the body

Dove Chocolate Vanilla Flavor

Coco Brownie Durian Jackfruit

Cheese Corn Kernels Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin

Braised Pork Ribs with Vinaigrette

Not as good as you

Nothing like you

Copper big

——Adapted from 16 Finance Manager Wang Huihui

Your arms are still strong

Your smile is still warm

Tribute to Uncle Security

nero in Chinese

——Photographed by 16 Finance Wang Ran

Everything is born

You and me

——Photographed by 16 Communications Wang Haomiao

Light and shadow

Tree and wind

——Photograph by Tang Jian, 16

less is more

My minimalism

——Photograph by Jin Yi and Wang Xuan

I put spring on me

——Photograph by Pan Shanshan from the 16th Session

That dew is green

——Photograph by 16 Auditor Ma Jinjin

sun? torch?

——Photographed by 16 Advertisement Zhu Xu

Tortuous path

Zen house flowers and plants deep

——Photographed by Xie Yu from 16 Classics

Meet a flower and a leaf

Meet Daqian World

——Photographed by 16 civil and stone Zhen Zhao

Ten Mile Peach


——Photograph by Wu Fei from the 16th Session

2017 Tongling College Network Culture Festival ends successfully

Thanks to those who actively participated in the competition

See you next year


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