ag.hg0088.com代理 This transparent car can be parked on a pillar and can also be used as a street light

This transparent car can be parked on a pillar and can also be used as a street light

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Fairy tale

Most people will feel this way:

When a car is blocked in the middle of the road, it takes time to say, but also consumes a lot of fuel, and the exhaust gas released pollutes the increasingly bad air ...

When you drive to your destination, you also need to find a parking place with great difficulty, and the parking place should be spacious, safe and clean ...

Cars become a big burden when they are not needed

Regardless of whether you take the bus or the subway, you are accustomed to the comfort of "private car", it is difficult to accept crowded public transport.

Are you willing to be troubled by these problems forever?

”,已经开始解决这些问题。 Internationally renowned industrial designer Ross Lovegrove has designed a " bubble car " that has begun to address these issues.

Ross Lovegrove has been active in the international industrial design industry since the 1980s and enjoys a high reputation. He has worked as the main designer for Peugeot, Sony, Apple Computer, etc.

奇思妙想的设计中,这辆概念汽车用料非常的少 ,乘客坐在车内, 圆弧形玻璃罩包裹,仿佛置身透明的肥皂泡中,四周景色和路况,一览无余。 In the imaginative design of Ross Lovegrove , this concept car uses very few materials . Passengers are sitting in the car, wrapped in a circular glass cover , as if in a transparent soap bubble , and the surrounding scenery and road conditions have a clear view .

和底部的汽车底盘。 In the center of the "bubble" there is a pillar that connects the solar panels on the top and the car chassis on the bottom. In order to save riding space, the recess for storing passenger items is designed under the floor of the car.

New version of Picard House

——绝对环保The power of "Bubble Car" is completely dependent on solar energy , no pollution, no noise -absolutely environmentally friendly .

:当乘客用语音输入需要到达的地址时,行车电脑会自动记录,并通过卫星导航选择出最佳的行驶路线,由近及远地逐一到达所要去的目的地。 It is also a driverless smart car : when a passenger enters the address they need to reach by voice, the trip computer will automatically record and select the best driving route by satellite navigation , one by one from near and far. Destination.

停在柱子上 ”。 The most amazing thing is that this "bubble car" can " stop on the pillar ".

When passengers arrive at their destination and get off, the pillar in the center of the car will protrude from the bottom of the car, supporting it on the ground, and the car will rise to the top of the pillar. ,不用跟地面拥挤的车辆抢地盘。 In this way, the "bubble car" stopped in the air , without having to grab the ground with vehicles crowded on the ground.

,为行人车辆照明。 Even more surprising is that when the "bubble" rises to the top of the pillar, the four lights at the bottom of the car can light up at the same time, so this concept car, which is used as a city public transport during the day, turns into a street light when it comes at night. , Lighting for pedestrian vehicles.

上的“泡泡汽车” "Bubble car" parked on a pillar

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