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Youth, it ’s okay to take a detour

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The fragrant honey was ashes


Some people say: love is love, love is wrong, youth is love.

In a hurry that year, we always had the courage to love willfully to the end, as if we were to exhaust the passion of your life and that of my life to that wonderful person. However, the love at that time was like a blossoming blossom, and youth will eventually pass, and we will eventually grow up. Looking back on the road that was passed in youth, that person has gone far.

It is the same youth, maybe we have all gone through a detour that is unknown, but some people are grateful for those years, because it is the so-called "detour" and "regret" that taught us how to love; others Youth is treated as a wound, and I dare not touch it easily in the future.

Actually, who hasn't walked a detour in ignorant youth? At that time we were too young, because we couldn't love, we didn't have a good grasp. But fortunately, because we are young, we can afford to lose. Even if we are injured, we will not lose the ability to love again.


Xiao Ran is a newly recruited graduate of the company's secretarial department. He is full of vigor, cute and generous, and is good at funny and burly. He often makes everyone laugh and naturally wins the favor of many single male colleagues. On one occasion, the secretary department and the marketing department held a fraternity ball. A handsome boy from the marketing department confessed to Xiao Ran and gave the roses on his knees. Xiao Ran agreed, and everyone applauded and blessed.

Two years after the two were together, Xiao Ran has become a director who can be alone, and the boy has achieved little success. He signed several big orders for the company. When everyone was coaxing Xiao Ran to get married, Xiao Ran suddenly He said faintly: "We have broken up." The embarrassment of the scene at that time was conceivable.

Xiao Ran smiled and explained to everyone indifferently: "Thank you for your kindness and concern. I have a happy life with him, but we all have things we can't make concessions for each other. Both people worked hard, but in the end, they found out Right, we broke up peacefully. Now are good friends. "

Xiao Ran said, "We met each other and realized the sweetness of love, and we also knew ourselves better. I wanted to be different from what he wanted, and we couldn't compromise for each other, so we smiled and let go and turned around. I do not regret having been with him, I do not regret going through this detour, it is this detour that led me to the intersection of the current road. "

On the way to youth, it is always beautiful to meet, whether right or wrong, whether it is the right person at the wrong time or the wrong person at the right time, whether it is the wrong time or the wrong The place or the wrong person. All this will pass away and become a soft existence in your heart.


Max Altman

Akko and I met at university. She is my school sister. She has always been a maverick girl. She likes to walk around and feel free. She has always been emotionally bound and bound. She has been single for many years.

Until the age of marriage, parents saw her at ease, very anxious, and rushed to arrange a blind date for her. On the surface she refused to refuse, she was still a good girl in the eyes of her parents. However, every time she goes on a blind date, she never takes it as seriously as her parents expected—she sees it as an opportunity to get to know more friends. Dating with a lawyer, she has a friend who can play a lawsuit, and can get a 40% discount. Dating with a doctor, don't worry about going to the hospital to see a doctor in the future. … Her parents could n’t help her.

Actually, I know that Akko isn't the kind of girl who is unclear and humiliating. She just hasn't met anyone she likes or matches. In college, in fact, Akko had a favorite person, but the other party did not have that meaning to her. How could this maverick "queen" put down the shelf and pursue her confession? In the words of Ako: He stupidly missed the person who made him motivated because of his ridiculous self-esteem.

However, God will always give you a chance to be happy when you are about to despair, as long as you keep a calm, confident heart for the future.

At a class reunion, Akko met the person he liked at the time, and now he is decent and elegant. Akko said that at that time, he didn't know where he had the courage. Without thinking about it, he went up to say hello, and confessed that he wanted to get up first. Unexpectedly, the person she liked also took the initiative to talk to her. At the end of the party, she also left her contact information, and asked her to come out to eat and watch a movie.

Akko was excited like a young girl, and said to me excitedly, "The male god has invited me!" Akko's spring finally came, and she was almost caught off guard. After meeting and getting along a few times, Akko was about to take up the courage to confess, but was preempted by the male god. He said that in college, he had some inferiority and did not dare to pursue a maverick queen Akow. Now, he feels that he can give Akko happiness, and he doesn't want to miss the opportunity again. Akko cried with excitement, she said, "Finally wait for you."


Half a month later, unexpectedly, I received a wedding invitation from Akoo, which said: "I have experienced the cold and warm in the world, covered many mountains and rivers, and fortunately I have met each other." I think this may be the answer to this paragraph Good fate is best explained.

In love, for the future life partner, everyone has their own ideal state. However, reality is always far from ideal, so many people stop and go on the road to love.

Everyone says that good things are endless, and the road to love is a hundred thousand turns. On the road to happiness, we walked around, took a few detours, or waited for a long time in one place, but we harvested growth and courage, and there is always someone who is gentle and only blooms for you. Then, you all stay together.

In the path of life, there is a road we will all experience, and that is the detour of youth. We grew up and matured from youth. We did not sail smoothly. We wept and regretted before we knew what kind of person is more suitable for us. Only then do we know that we have to be a better ourselves, for a better future and a better him.

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