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What you need for outdoor weddings is

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Alas, in the dream. Rosemary flourishes like a waterfall. There is everything I like in my dreams, without you. Without Lennon, empty, like. No secret, nocturnal, nocturne. 等着与你久别重逢。 Believe that there is always one person in this world, waiting to meet you for a long time. 他斩断了丛生的荆棘, 种上了娇艳的花。 Fearing that you might get lost, he cut off the bushes and planted gorgeous flowers. 转个身,顺着玫瑰花丛, 就能走到他身边。 I just hope that on the way you are looking for, turn around and follow the rose bushes and you will come to him.

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或许最美好的爱情就是 有时候我们可以像小孩子一样吵架, 有时候可以被爱得有恃无恐, 有时候默契到不用开口 就知道对方想要说什么, 熟悉到老夫老妻的感觉。 In this way, maybe the best love is that sometimes we can quarrel like children, sometimes we can be loved without fear, and sometimes we are tacitly aware of what the other party wants to say without speaking, and we are familiar with the feelings of the old wife and wife. 就是遇到势均力敌的对手吧。 In fact, together, it is to meet evenly matched opponents. 看似简单的却不简单, 这一见清新的颜色代表着 我对你一览无余的深情, 在幸福的微光中, 感谢你与我并肩 All of this seems simple but not simple. This fresh color represents my unparalleled affection for you. In the glimmer of happiness, thank you for standing with me.

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