hg6558.com Your love dragon is communicating with you, do you make it?

Your love dragon is communicating with you, do you make it?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Reborn I became Donghuang Taiyi

身为主人的你注意到了吗? Your family's love dragon sometimes sends out non-verbal signals. Have you noticed as the host?

视而不见或一无所知将会错过很多重要的环节, 有时会因此对它造成日后某种程度上的伤害, 甚至是死亡。 If you do n’t pay attention to the message that its “body language” conveys, ignoring or ignoring you will miss many important links, and sometimes it will cause some damage to it in the future, or even death.

★ Left and right grinding cylinder

通常代表讨食或受到外物(//)所吸引。 ☞ It usually means begging for food or being attracted by a foreign object ( person / thing / thing ) .

★ Up and down grinding cylinder

代表正身处紧迫之状态。 represents the state of urgency. / 孤单 / 环境过小/变动 / 有更强势鱼只进驻 Possibly poor water quality / concussion / loneliness / too small environment / change / more powerful fish

Or other external factors.

★ low-sounding / drum throat bag

发出一种类似牛叫之声响, 为威吓或不悦的一种行为。 ☞To make a sound similar to a cow's bark, as an act of intimidation or displeasing.


通常在吃太饱或无聊时偶尔发生, 但如次数过于频繁则须检视水中溶氧是否不足。 Occasionally occurs when you are too full or bored, but if the frequency is too frequent, you should check whether the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient.

★ Bottom

通常会因惊吓/体内有外虫/水质不佳/震荡/吃太饱/肠胃不适/ 水温偏低/更强势鱼只进驻/环境变动等的情况下发生, 但有时则是霉菌或立鳞的发病前兆。 ☞Usually caused by frights / external insects in the body / poor water quality / concussion / eating too full / gastrointestinal discomfort / low water temperature / more powerful fishes only / environmental changes, but sometimes it ’s mold or standing Of the onset of onset.

★ Bouncing body

通常为吃太饱而须调整食物所在位置时发生, 但如次数过于频繁则有可能是体外虫作祟所致。 ☞It usually occurs when you need to adjust the location of the food to eat too much, but if the frequency is too frequent, it may be caused by worms.

★ hiding

通常是因惊吓/环境变动/有更强势之鱼只进驻所致。 ☞Usually caused by scary / environmental changes / more powerful fishes.

★ Burst

大多为惊吓/追逐/体外虫/体内损伤(如泥鳅钻肠或食材带刺等)所致。 ☞Mostly it is caused by scaring / chasing / external worms / internal damage ( such as loach drilling intestines or thorns in food ) .

★ Finning

大多为惊吓/水质不佳/震荡/患病/更强势鱼只进驻/环境变动等所致。 ☞Mostly caused by shock / poor water quality / concussion / illness / stronger fish presence / environmental changes.

★ Side Tour

大多为掉眼之前兆。 Most of them are precursors to eye drops.

★ Tilt back and forth swimming

通常为鱼膘/内脏受损/腹水所致。 ☞Usually caused by fish sting / visceral damage / ascites.

★ eat blisters

好奇所致,但如经常或过于频繁者, 则须慎防引发体内之气泡病。 ☞ It is caused by curiosity, but if it is frequent or too frequent, you must be careful not to cause bubble disease in the body.

★ Head up and stretch

Ultimate Awakening 3 Archive

一般为伸展筋骨或吃太饱时之偶发行为, 但如经常或过于频繁者,则须注意是否有异物噎喉。 ☞It is usually issued by couples who stretch their bones or eat too much, but if they are frequent or too frequent, you must pay attention to whether there is a foreign body choking throat.

★ Jump

惊吓/追逐/好奇/受外物吸引(如昆虫)等所致。 Scared / Chased / Curious / Attracted by foreign objects ( such as insects ) .

Shortness of breath

通常为吃太饱/追逐/惊吓等时短暂发生, 但如发生时间较长则须注意是否水中融氧不足/异物噎喉/中毒或寄生虫 ( 病毒 ) 感染。 ☞It usually occurs briefly when you are too full / chased / scared, but if it happens for a long time, you should pay attention to whether there is insufficient oxygen in the water / foreign body throat / poisoning or parasite ( virus ) infection.

★ flush

代表其生性为好奇好动。 stands for curiosity.

★ Crash

一般为惊吓或追逐或体内极端不适(如泥鳅钻肠或食材带刺等)所致。 ☞It is usually caused by frightening or chasing or extreme discomfort in the body ( such as loach drilling or thorny food ) .

★ No food

通常为环境变动/水质不佳/震荡/阶段性禁食/有体内、外虫/肠胃不适 以及惊吓 / 更强势鱼只进驻 / 厌倦旧食材 / 异物噎喉 等原因引起。 ☞It is usually caused by changes in the environment / poor water quality / concussion / periodic fasting / internal and external bugs / gastrointestinal upset and frightening / more powerful fish only entering / boring with old ingredients / foreign body throat

★ Self-biting tail

代表正身处紧迫之状态, 可能是水质不佳 / 孤单 / 环境过小 或其他外在因素所导致。 ☞ It is a state of urgency, which may be caused by poor water quality / loneliness / too small environment or other external factors.

吐胃袋 ★ Vomit / Stomach Bag

代表肠胃不适,可能是换水前后曾大量喂食/吃太饱/食材难以消化等所致。 ☞ It means gastrointestinal discomfort, which may be caused by a large amount of feeding / overfeeding / digestible ingredients before and after changing the water.

观察龙鱼的嘴,出现慢慢的张开大嘴,快速自然的合住 Observe the mouth of the arowana, slowly open the mouth, and quickly and naturally close

这种表现可能是喂食太饱,或是偶尔无聊锻炼嘴部肌肉。 ☞This performance may be due to overfeeding or occasionally bored exercise of mouth muscles. If it occurs frequently for a short period of time, it may be discomfort in the gills or insufficient oxygen in the water.

尾鳍或者背鳍缩在一起,打不开 Tail fins or dorsal fins shrink together and cannot be opened

这说明你的龙鱼收到惊吓或者已经身患疾病,或者水质不佳感到不适。 This means that your arowana is frightened or already sick, or the water quality is uncomfortable.

龙鱼沉底 Arowana sinking

一般是受到惊吓,或者体内、体外有寄生虫,水质不佳,肠胃不适等情况,也是某些疾病的前兆。 Generally, it is frightened, or there are parasites inside and outside, poor water quality, gastrointestinal upset, etc., and it is also a precursor to some diseases.

顶流冲水 Top flush

说明龙鱼活泼好动,缸中有横向水流,可有助鱼龙须生长。 ☞Indicates that arowanas are lively and active, and there is a horizontal water flow in the tank, which can help the dragonfish grow.

绝食、厌食 Hunger and anorexia

一般在环境不适应、水质不好、肠胃疾病、严重的体内外寄生虫,当龙鱼受到惊吓或者 长期喂食同一种食物时,会短暂的发生厌食现象。 ☞Generally , anorexia will occur briefly when the arowana is frightened or feeds the same food for a long time.

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