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It is said that this is the favorite place for people in Huaxin, Ningbo ...

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

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In this March of "Spring Rain is Cheap as Cabbage",

Waiting from the beginning of the month to the end of the month,

I finally caught such a sunny day and went to the botanical garden to visit those cherry blossoms I have long remembered.

Through a field of blooming canola,

The nose is mixed with cauliflower and freshly cut grass.

Strolling along the cherry blossom avenue,

The buds of the newly planted cherry tree branches on both sides have not yet seen blooming buds.

There was a sound of "Ding Dong" faintly in my ears,

Looking up,

It turned out that a series of small wind chimes were wooing tourists.

"Xiaoyuan newly planted red sakura trees.

Finally, the pink and delicate faces of the cherry blossoms appeared.

Oshima Sakura, white as snow,

Light pink, pink dyed Yoshino, big fishing cherry tree, Kawazu cherry tree, Edo cherry tree ...

First group photo ---

Baiyun and Fanxia are really lively!

Let's enjoy some close-ups from different angles:

Fighting God of Pipa

Backlight can more clearly outline the silk veins on the petals,

Isn't it an alternative beauty!

In the grass under the tree,

Scattered with scattered flowers,

Also maintains a pink face.

If you have been shopping for a long time,

If you are tired of cherry blossoms,

You can also appreciate other friends in the garden:




(It's a relative of the cabbage we eat)

If you are willing to lean over,

These beautiful little flowers can also be found on the green lawn.


Broken Rice

Purple flower

The Qingming holiday is coming soon,

Go to the botanical garden,

There are also a pair of loving black swan waiting for you to take pictures of them lovingly!

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