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List of Mongolian Banners of Mongolia in Bazihu in the 1381th Qing Dynasty (the most complete in history)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Aofeng Xiaoxiang College

I. Nezasak Mongolia

(1) Zhelim League 1. Korqin Right Wing Middle Banner (because of the first Prince Zasak Bada and the Lord Prince Shetutu, it is commonly known as "Tupeitu Banner." The five flags of the right wing of the Limu League, one of the thirteen flags of "Bei Zhi", 2. Kerqin right wing front flag (because the first Zasak Budaqi was crowned the title of the feudal Rozasaktu County by the title, it is commonly called Zha Saktu Banner, one of the thirteen flags of "Bei Zhi", 3. Kerqin Right-wing Hou Banner (because of the change of the flag, the hereditary town government of Zazak, it is commonly known as "Gongye Banner" or "E-Gong Banner") 4 Korqin left wing central flag (because of the second Zasak Manchu ritual changed to Prince Darhan Baturu, it is commonly known as "Darhan Banner", and is in charge of the five left-wing flags of Zherim League. "One of the Thirteen Banners" 5. Korqin Zuoying Qianqi (the first King of Zazak Hungor was named King of the Dodo Bingtu County, so it is commonly known as "Bingtu Banner", and one of the "Thirteen Banners" ) 6. Later period of Korqin's left wing (because of the tenth Zasak monk Grinqin received the title of Prince Bodu Legata, it is commonly known as "Bowang Banner" and "Beizhi" is one of the thirteen flags) 7. Special flag 8. Dulbert flag (the ancestor was the fourth son of the 11th genius of Genghis Khan's frog lock) 9. Gorros front banner 10. Gorros rear banner (2) Zhuo Sotu League 1. Ka Laqin Right Banner (because of the fourth King of Zadorak Bandar Shah, Lord of Doroduling County, it is commonly known as "Karaqin Banner, one of the thirteen flags of" Beizhi ") 2. Kalaqin Left Banner (one of the thirteen flags of "Beizhi") 3. Kalaqin Zhongqi (commonly known as "Magong Banner", one of the thirteen flags of "Beizhi") 4. Tumote Zuoqi (commonly known One of the 13 flags of "Mongolian Zhen Banner" and "Bei Zhi" is a flag, which is co-pastored by the Kharkha Ministry of Tang Dynasty, the flag originated from the Kazakhstan Khan Ministry of Outer Kharka, due to internal disputes among the tribes. Moved south to Qingqing and was placed in Tumote Left Banner) 5. Tumote Right Banner (3) Zhaowuda League 1. Zarut Left Banner 2. Zarut Right Banner 3. Bahrain Right Banner (because The flag Zak Saksebuteng is under the control of King Fodor's County, so it is commonly known as "Bahrain King Flag" or "Bahrain", one of the thirteen flags of "Beizhi" 4. The Bahrain Left Banner (because of this flag) Sacks inherited Gushan Beizi, so it is commonly known as "Bahrain Beizi Banner" or "Little Bahrain ) 5. Kishiketeng Banner (Gu and Aohan and Naiman belong to Chahar Wanhu and moved south to the current geographical location with the two) 6. Aohan Banner King of Zakdoro County, commonly known as "Kazakh King Banner." One of the Thirteen Banners of "Bei Zhi Eo") 7. Naiman Banner (one of the 13 Banners of "Bei Zhi Eo") 8 Alu Korqin Banner (an ancient one of the Aru Mongolian tribes, the nomadic Hulunbuir generation, to distinguish it from the Nenjiang Korqin after the south, so it is called Alu Korqin, and later moved to the north of the lower reaches of the Xilamurun River in the 17th century Zone.) 9. Weng Niute Right Banner (one of the thirteen flags of "Bei Zhi") 10. Weng Niute Left Banner 11. Kalka Left Wing Banner (Three years of Khalkha civil strife in Kangxi, southward attached to the Qing court) In today ’s Suidong County area (4) Xilin Gol League 1. Wuzhumuqin Zuoqi (commonly known as East Wuzhumuqin) 2. Wuzhumuqin Youqi (commonly known as Xiwuzhumuqin) 3. Hao Qi Tezuo Banner (commonly known as Donghao Zite) 4. Haoqite Youqi (commonly known as West Hao Zite) 5. Sunit Zuoqi (commonly known as East Sunit) 6. Sunit Right Banner (commonly known as Sisuni) Special) 7. Abagazu Banner (A Part of Mongolia) 8. Abagayou Banner (commonly known as Little Abaga, part of Alu Mongolia) 9. Abahanar Left Banner (commonly known as East Abkhanar, part of Aru Mongolia ) 10. Abahanar Right Banner (commonly known as West Abkhanar, part of Alu Mongolia) (5) Ike Zhaomeng 1. Ordos Left Wing Central Banner (because the flag of Zasak is subject to the county title, Formerly known as King Banner) 2. Ordos Left-wing Front Banner (commonly known as Jungar Banner) 3. Ordos Left-wing Rear Banner (commonly known as Dalat Banner) 4. Ordos Right-wing Front Banner (commonly known as Wushen Banner) 5. Ordos Right Banner Central Banner (commonly known as Etok Banner) 6. Ordos Right Wing Banner (commonly known as Hangjin Banner) 7. Ordos Right Wing Front and End Banner (commonly known as Zazak Banner) (6) Wulanchabu League 1. Sizi Tribe Banner (One of Alu Mongolia) Ministry, in the late Qing Dynasty moved some Tumet to this flag, called Houshan Tumet) 2. Urat Chinese flag (that is, the Chinese flag) 3. Uratsi flag (that is, the former flag) 4. Urat Chinese flag (that is, the Back Banner) 5. Maoming An Banner (part of Alu Mongolia) 6. Kalka Right-wing Banner (Inzasak awarded Dahlhambeer, so it is called Dahlhambeer )

2. Outer Zasak Kharkha

(1) Tushetu Khan (Khan Alin League) 1. Tushetu Khan Banner 2. Kalka North Road Right Wing Left Banner 3. Kalka North Road Middle Right Banner 4. Kalka North Road Left Wing Flag 5. Kalkabei Road Middle Flag 6. Kalkabei Road Left Wing Hou Banner 7. Kalkabei Road Middle Right End Banner 8. Kalkabei Road Left Wing Left Middle End Banner 9. Kalbei Road Right Wing Right Banner 10. Kalka North Road Left Wing Front Banner 11. Kalka North Road Right Wing Right Banner 12. Kalka North Road Middle Left Banner 13. Kalka North Road Left Wing Right End Banner 14. Kalka North Road Left Wing Banner 15. Kalka North Road Left Wing Zhongzuo Banner 16. Kalka North Road Middle Wing Banner 17. Kalka North Road Right Wing Right Last Banner 18. Kalka North Road Right Wing Left Rear Banner 19. Middle Left Banner of Kalkabei Road 20. Left Left Banner of Kalbei Road (2) Chechen Khan (Clurumbar and Tunmeng) 1. Chechen Khan Banner 2. Left Banner of Kelka East Road 3.Zhongyou Banner of Kalka East Road 4.Right Banner of Right Kalka East Road 5.Zhongmo Banner of Kalka East Road 6.Zhongzuo Banner of Kalka East Road 7.Zhonghou Banner of Kalka East Road 8. Kalka East Road Left Wing Front Banner 9. Kalka East Road Right Wing Zhongyou Banner 10. Kalka East Road Left Wing Rear Banner 11. Kalka East Road Left Wing Rear End Banner 12. Kalka Luzhongmo Right Banner 13.Kalka East Road Right Wing Zhong Zuo Banner 14.Kalka East Road Right Wing Qian Banner 15.Kalka East Road Right Wing Left Banner 16.Kalka East Road Middle Last Flag 17.Kar Left Banner on Left of Kadong Road 18. Left Banner on Right of Karka East Road 19. Left Banner on Left of Kaerka East Road 20. Left Banner on Left of Kaerka East Road 21. Left Banner on Middle East of Kaerka Road 21. Zhongqian Banner on East Kalka Road 22. Ka The right-wing center flag on the east side of Kalka Road 23. The right-wing rear flag on the east side of Kalka Road (3) Zasaktu Khan (Zakbila Sechin Pytharyanol League) 1. Right side of Kalkasi Road Banner (Zaksaktu Khan also manages) 2. Left Banner of Kalkaxi Road Left Center 3. Left Banner of Kalkaxi Road Left Banner 4. Left Banner of Kalkaxi Road Left 5. Right of Kalkasi Road Left Right Flag 6. Kalkaxi Road Left Wing Front Banner 7. Kalkaxi Road Right Wing Right End Banner 8. Kalkaxi Road Middle Left Wing Right Banner 9. Kalka West Road Right Wing Right Banner 10. Kalka West Road Left wing rear flag 11. Kalkaxi Road center right wing end flag 12. Kalkaxi road right wing rear end flag 13. Kalka west road right wing left flag 14. Kalkaxi road right wing front flag 15. Carr Left Banner, Left Wing, Kasi Road 16. Last Banner, Right Wing, Kal Kaxi Road 17. Left Banner, Left Wing, Kal Kaxi Road 18. Left, Kalkasi Road Houqi Banner 19. Huite Banner (The flag was set in Qianlong for 20 years, and the people were the Huigar Department of the Jungar Khan State. The Qing army fell to Yili and fell, and the emperor gave Kalkha). (4) Sainnoyan Ministry (Qiqierlick League) 1. Saiyinuoyan Banner 2. Middle Left Banner of Kalka Middle Road 3. Right Right Banner of Kalka Middle Road 4. Middle Right Banner of Kalka Middle Road 5. Kalka Zhonglu Zhongqian Banner 6. Kalka Middle Road Zhonghou Banner 7. Kalka Middle Road Zhongwei Banner 8. Kalka Middle Road Right-wing Zhongzuo Banner 9. Kalka Middle Road Right-wing End Banner 10. Kalka Middle Road Right-wing Front Banner 11. Kalka Middle Road Zhonghou Banner 12. Kalka Middle Road Left-wing Left Banner 13. Kalka Middle Road Left-wing Middle Banner 14. Kalka Middle Road Left-wing Right Banner 15. Kalka Middle Road Left-wing Left End Banner 16. Kal Kazhong Road Right-wing Zhongwei Banner 17. Kalka Middle Road Right-wing Left-End Banner 18. Kalka Middle Road Right-End Banner 19. Kalka Middle Road Right-wing Zhongyou Banner 20. Kalka Middle Road Right-wing Rear Banner 21. Kalka Middle Road Zhonghouwei Banner 22. Middle Right-wing End Banner of Kalka Middle Road 23. Attached Erut Banner (In 1697, Gardan descended from Zidan Zila and cleared the flag in 1705) 24. Attached Erut Banner (1702) Galdan descended from Sun Alabut and set the flag in 1703

3. Outer Zasak Erut Mongolia

Dreamland Homes

(1) Qinghai Erut Department 1. Heshuote West Front Banner 2. Heshuote Front Head Banner 3. Heshuote Front Left Banner 4. Heshuote West Banner 5. Heshuote North Right Banner 6. Heshuo Tebei Left Wing Banner 7. Heshuo Tenan Left Back Banner 8. Heshuo North Front Banner 9. Heshuo South Right Banner 10 Heshuo West Right Banner 11. Heshuo West Right Banner 12. and Shuotenan Right Wing Central Flag 13. Heshuote South Left Wing Banner 14. Heshuote North Left End Banner 15. Heshuote North Right End Banner 16. Heshuote East Upper Banner 17. Heshuite South Left Banner 18. Heshuotennan Left Wing Banner 19. Heshuoten South Right Wing Banner 20. Heshuoty West Right Wing Banner 21. Heshuoti West Left Wing Banner 22. Churosan South Right Wing Head Banner 23. Churosi North Right Banner Flag 24. Tulkutenan Middle Banner 25 Tulkutenxi Banner 26. Tulkutenan Front Banner 27. Tulkutenan Back Banner 28. Huentan Banner 29. Kalkanan Right Banner ( B) West Erut Mongolia

1. Alxa Erlut Banner (After the defeat of Chechen Khan in Oziltu by Junggar, some of its special members moved and cleared. After the defeat of Gardan, Chechen Khan in Oziltu was sealed as Zasak and nomadic in Alxa ) 2. Ejinatulqi Banner (Alabuzhuer led the Volga River to Turchi, about 500 people went to Lhasa, but could n’t return due to conflicts with the Junggar Ministry, then nomadic outside the Jiayu Pass, and later assisted the Qing Tingjun fought against Jungar for his meritorious service and was given the flag) (3) Unain Suzhuktu South Road League (Zhuledus Old Turkut) 1. Old Turkut Troktu Khan Banner (Woba Flag of Xihan) 2. Middle flag of Jiutuertuan South Road 3. Right flag of Jiutuerlu South Road 4. Left flag of Jiutuerlu South South Road (4) Unaen Suzuktu North Road League (and Boksel (Old Tulkut) 1. Old Tulkut North Road Banner 2. Old Tulkut North Road Left Banner 3. Old Tulkut North Road Right Banner (5) Unain Suzhuk Tudong Road Union (Kulkala Usu Old Turkut) 1. Right flag of Old Turkut East Road 2. Left flag of Old Turkut East Road (6) Unne Suzutuktusi Road union (Old Tulkut) 1. Old Tulkut West Road Banner (7) Batu Seit Kele Tutu (Juledus Middle Road and Shuote) 1. Old Tulkut Middle Road 2. Old Left Banner of Middle Turkete Road 3. Right Banner of Middle Old Turkete Road (8) Cyan Tekelite League (Bulhan New Turket) 1. New Left Sea Banner 2. Xintu Righte Banner (9) Saiyin Yahatu Left-League League (Left-Wing League Dutch City Ulan Gumu Dulbert) 1. Turkus Kuruk Dalai Khan Banner 2. Dulbert Middle Flag 3. Durbert Middle Left Flag 4. Durbert Middle Front Flag 5. Durbert Middle Rear Flag 6. Durbert Middle Upper Flag 7. Durbert Middle Lower Flag 8. Durr Bert Middle Front Left Banner 9.Durbert Middle Front Right Banner 10.Durbert Middle Rear Left Banner 11.Durbert Middle Rear Right Banner 12.Durbert Lower Front Banner (actually Hut (Ministry) (X) Saiyin Jayatu Right-wing League 1. Dulbert front flag 2. Dulbert front right flag 3. Dulbert center right flag 4. Dulbert lower back flag (actual (For the Ministry of the Whit)) (11) New Hoshut Banner (also known as Hatchach New Hoshut, attached to the Qing court with Wabaxi in 1796, no leader on the banner) (12) Ike Mingan (Qianlong nineteen years surrendering, 1757 will go to Heilongjiang generation according to Keming An flag, the amount Jigu Si, Duerbote three together as according to Keming An flag, now in Lindian County, Ming Shuixian area)

4. Inner Mongolia

(1) Chahar General Banner (the earliest Chaharzasak flag was set up, and it was later revoked due to the Bourney rebellion) 1. Zhenglan flag 2. Inlaid blue flag 3. Zhengbai flag 4. Zhengbai flag 5. Zhenghong flag 6. Inlaid red flags 7. Zhenghuang flags 8. Inlaid yellow flags (II) The naturalized city Tumutu Dutong Banner (also known as Kuku and Tun (also another transliteration of Hohhot) Tumote, this name is more common in Manmeng Russian literature, the Zasak flag was established in the early days, and was later revoked because the Tumote Ministry intended to pass the Kalkha rebellion against the Qing. (3) Hulunbeier Dutong Banner 1. Sauron's left-wing Zhenglan Banner ) 2. Sauron's left wing is inlaid with a white flag (it is actually Chen Baer's Tiger Ministry, other Sauron's flags are Oroqen, Ewenki, Daur, etc., so omitted) 3. New Barbara Tiger Yellow Flag 4. New Barbara Tiger Yellow Flag 5. New Barbara Zheng blue flag 6. New Barr tiger inlaid with blue flag 7. New barr tiger inlaid with red flag 8. New barr tiger inlaid with red flag 9. New barr tiger inlaid with white flag 10. New barr tiger inlaid with white flag 11. Hulunbuir Erut flag (also known as Erut inlaid yellow flag) (4) Ili Chahar Eight Banners (5) Ili Erlut Eight Banners (6) Zaha Qin Department 1. Zaha Qin Banner 2. Zaha Qin Banner (7) Ming Ater Banner ( ) Tangnu Wulianghai 1. Tangnu Banner (constructed by the Ministry of Steering) 2. Sarajik Banner (commonly known as Qimuhe Wulianghai, composed of Qimu Department) 3. Tojin (commonly known as Tojin Nuoer Wulianghai, Consists of the Tozi Ministry) 4. Kusugur (consisting of the Sirketen Ministry) 5. Kmuzik Banner (9) Altai Wulianghai 1. Wulianghai Left Wing Banner (commonly known as Taiwen Beizi Banner) 2. Wu Lianghai Zuoyi Zuoqi (commonly known as Chahansoyan Banner) 3. Wulianghai Zuoyiyou Qi (commonly known as Harsoyan Banner) 4. Wulianghai Zuoyi Houqi (commonly known as Mailingai Banner) 5. Wulianghai Right-wing Banner (commonly known as Balenbeizi Banner) 6. Wulianghai Right-wing Right Banner (commonly known as Sharule Banner) 7. Wulianghai Right-wing Left Banner (commonly known as Kuo Kumqiak Banner) (10) Damu Mongolia Eight Banners (garrison and The area around Dangxiong County, Tibet, is composed of the descendants of Yongsheb and the Heshuo Special Department) 1. Quker Department 2. Engo Department 3. Bagar Department 4. Ato Department 5. Banga Bar 6. Guocai Servant Department 7. Ashe Department 8. Sorb Department (11) Breeding Plant 1. Shanglingyuan Breeding Plant (dedicated camel) (1) Dalinghe Breeding Plant (2) Shangdu Dabusunor Breeding Plant ( Duolun County and its surroundings, with Baqi Chahar people serving as herding) (3) Da Lihang Aimu Farm (located between Tushetuhan and Chechen Khan, is the largest royal herd in the Qing Dynasty) 2. Qingfeng Si cattle and sheep pasture (also known as Sanqi cattle and sheep herd) (1) Chaha Er'er cattle and sheep herd plant (grazed by Chahar Zhenghuang, yellow inlaid, and Zhengbai three flags) (2) Dalihang'ai cattle and sheep herd plant (3) Yangximu pastoral plant 3. Left wing of Taipu Temple Muchang (Taipu Temple is an institution specializing in horse administration, mainly consisting of Chahar inlaid with yellow, white, inlaid, and blue blue flags) 4. Right-wing pastoral in Taipu Temple (mainly by Chahar Zhenghuang, Zhenghong, inlaid red, and blue inlaid four flags) 5. The Ministry of Defense Eight Banner Farm (is the Ministry of the Ministry of War's pastoral plant in Chahar, mainly military camel, army horse) 6. Libu Pastoral Plant (Middle Qing Gradually abolished) 6. Ministerial officials such as the Minister of the King (such kind of animal husbandry scattered in Chahar and other major animal husbandry, and then gradually reclaimed) 7. Breeding wood animal husbandry (located in front of Korqin left wing at the time Flag, Zhangwu County was established after being reclamated)

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