博狗bodog网址hg622.com Visit the Jiangnan Secret Realm of Zeyayu Village, go to Yunding Inn, stay away from the troubles, and get close to nature

Visit the Jiangnan Secret Realm of Zeyayu Village, go to Yunding Inn, stay away from the troubles, and get close to nature

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The real purpose of travel is to look beyond the scenery and memories along the road, and to find a kind of "initial" state that calms the mind. It is not frightening, arrogant or impatient, and strives to be a delicate person who is as bland as water ~ During the journey, we need such a place where we can put all our busyness and troubles and calm down to feel the beauty of life ~

And in Jingfanju, maybe you can experience such a comfortable and comfortable "texture" life ...

Yunding Inn, located in Lvshan Village, Zeya Scenic Area, Zeya Town, outside the Seven Waterfalls Scenic Area Exit. This is the first place to watch the sunrise, the sea of clouds, and the starry sky. When it comes to features, it should be [Yunding Inn] Maybe, brew a cup of local tea here, and look at the red glow of Lake Zeya, the mood life has just begun ...

就大量沿用老屋原有的素材,并框定了泽雅老房的基调。 Yunding Inn uses a lot of the original materials of the old house and sets the tone of Zeya's old house. Bare wooden house beams, quaint and primitive small plank roads, and retro-style rooms perfectly combine the original architectural styles, which are rough and delicate.

Yunding Inn is located at the exit of the famous Qipuya Scenic Area. It is surrounded by mountains and waters. It can be seen as far as the entire Zeya Scenic Area, and it can be seen that the trees in the canyon are moved by birds ...

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The entrance on the first floor is simple and simple, and the interior is fully transparent with glass windows, allowing the light to fully shine in. The whole room looks bright and natural, and you can enjoy the feeling of bathing in the sun ...

Here you can sing or enjoy the orange-red sunset glowing the sky at night, or looking up at the stars in the middle of the night, staying in a natural atmosphere room, as soon as you open the door in the morning, you can feel the breeze with the smell of rice, followed by the sight Lush. Start a new day in such a beautiful scenery, no matter how much trouble will be left behind.

The tea-tasting area and the rest area are both connected and independent, talking about tea, resting and reading, style life is all in it ...

Photography: Zeya's Hometown Travel Photography Team

Lund Yunding Hotel: 100 RMB per person for food and accommodation, and can accommodate 40 guests at the same time

Address: Yushan Village, Zeya Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou


  →桐桥→上戌→藤桥→泽雅源口→林岙  西雁七瀑涧景区  下庵村 →庙后村 →屿山村口可见 I. Renmin Road → West Station → Banyao Bridge → Cuiwei New Village (Huanglong) → Xiayin → Shuangyu → → Tongqiao → Shangyu → Tengqiao → Zeyayuankou → Lintong  Xiyan Seven Waterfalls Scenic Spot  Xiayu Village → Miaohou Village → Visit the Lantau Village 
   浦东→梅屿→郭溪塘下→瞿溪→泽雅源口→林岙桥头转→,往西雁  下庵村  庙后村 →屿山村口可见 2. Xinqiao  Pudong → Meiyu → Guoxitangxia → Quxi → Zeyayuankou → Linyu Bridgehead → Turn to Xiyan → Xiayu Village  Miaohou Village → Yushan Village Exit 

从温州市区出发到屿山大致需要需要1小时 Travel time: It takes about 1 hour from Wenzhou to Lantau


❖At the exit of Seven Waterfalls, the ancient villages of Lantau Island are quiet and quiet, watching the sunrise and watching the sea of clouds ... is the preferred place for vacation.

村落内有小超市可以买生活小用品 There is a small supermarket in the village where you can buy daily necessities

Yunding Inn

Phone: 13587969301

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