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Who said that automatic transmission will not turn off? Except these 5 cases

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It is not a trivial matter for a car to stall while driving, because there are great safety risks. Once the car goes out while driving, the steering wheel will lose its power and become very heavy; at the same time, the brake power will also fail. This is a very dangerous thing in high-speed driving. Once the automatic transmission car stalls during driving, we must pay attention to it. After all, safety is not a trivial matter. There are a variety of reasons that can cause automatic transmission models to stall during driving. Xiaobian mainly analyzes the five situations that will be encountered.

The following conditions will cause the automatic transmission to stall

Dirty throttle

The dirt caused by the carbon deposit of the throttle valve directly affects the operation of the throttle valve, and the long-term uncleaning of the carbon deposit will cause an error in the opening of the throttle valve, and at the same time, the air with impurities will enter the engine cylinder, resulting in abnormal engine operation. The main manifestations of carbon deposition in the throttle are unstable idling, reduced power, increased fuel consumption, and difficulty in starting. Sudden acceleration of the throttle during driving may seriously cause the car to stall during driving. Therefore, the prevention of carbon deposition in the throttle and the cleaning of the throttle is also a car maintenance project.

Injector blocked

As fuel injection nozzles are the breeding ground for carbon deposits, the carbon deposits and colloids formed by the combustion of gasoline will adhere to the injectors, accumulating over time, causing the carbon deposits to stick or even plug. Blocked fuel injection nozzles will result in poor fuel injection and poor atomization, and will result in weak power and engine shake. In severe cases, there will be a stall during driving. Automatic transmission models are no exception.

Fuel pump failure

Failure of the fuel pump will result in insufficient fuel supply. The symptoms appear similar to other fuel system failures (injector failure), such as inability to accelerate, rapid acceleration has the phenomenon of fuel collection, difficult to start, abnormal noise, engine vibration, which will seriously cause The car goes out during driving, naturally including automatic transmissions.

High voltage package failure

If the high-pressure pack fails, it will cause abnormal engine operation, jitter, and weak acceleration. Symptoms of high-pressure packs with multiple cylinders will cause flameout. The high-pressure pack is an important part of the ignition system. It provides sufficient energy for the spark plug to generate an ignition spark. If the high-pressure pack fails, the spark plug will be useless and cause the automatic transmission to stall.

Spark plug failure

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The failure phenomenon of the spark plug, which is the same as the ignition system, is similar to the failure of the high voltage package (ignition coil). The phenomenon of lack of cylinder, acceleration acceleration, and jitter will occur, that is, the phenomenon of "shooting out". Multiple spark plug failures will cause the car to stall during driving, naturally including automatic Block the car.

What to do when the automatic transmission goes out

Suggestion: It is better to stop the car safely on the roadside, and then restart the car according to the method described below. It is important to remember that at any time, vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions cannot use anti-trail start.

Although automatic transmission cars do not have a clutch, it can fundamentally prevent accidental engine shutdown due to improper operation. However, some automatic transmission models may still stop accidentally due to mechanical failure. When you find that the battery light is on, it will turn off. At this time, don't hit the steering wheel and step on the brakes many times, because the directions and brakes need help. Generally, there are only two chances to brake after the flames are off.

If there is no special situation before, you can restart without stopping. Then, quickly push the gearshift lever into neutral, turn the ignition switch to the start position, and after successfully restarting, quickly pull the gearshift lever to the D lever, and you can drive normally.

If the engine still fails to start after multiple attempts, it indicates that the fault is serious, and you should stop for maintenance. Applying this method, you must be familiar with the operation of the vehicle. If you apply too much force, pushing the shift lever directly into reverse gear will cause greater damage to the transmission. In addition, the ignition switch of some cars has the function of preventing the secondary start. You must turn it back to the off position before restarting, but be careful not to lock the steering wheel. It should be noted that after the engine is turned off, the braking and steering assistance also fail. At this time, more power is needed to control the vehicle.

Source: Tencent Automotive

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