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Family Reading Session: Ideal (Call for Papers)

Public number: Binzhou Education Baishitong Source: Time: 2020-01-08 22:32:01

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Author: Liu Shahe

Reader: Jin Mom | Home Educator

Author: Liu Shahe, formerly known as Tan Yu Xun, contemporary poets. Till now, 22 types of works such as novels, poetry, poetics, prose, translated novels, research monographs, etc. have been published, which are convincing. The poem "Ideal" is also included in the Chinese textbook of middle school.

To read aloud is to use sound temperature

Awaken text and mind.

So many people in my life,

There is always someone who wants you to read aloud.

If you've ever encountered an article you like (in any genre),

Or moved, or inspired,

Or miss or bless ...

You are welcome to read it out,

With the most plain voice

Read the value behind the text

Show real life stories with flesh and blood

Passionate Movie

way of participation

录制开头为:“大家好,我是XX,我要读的文章是…,我想把它送给XXX…”(例如:大家好,我是百师君,我要读的文章是《相信未来》,我想把它送给我的妹妹…) 1. Record the full text of the article (preferably no more than 1,000 words). The recording begins with: "Hello everyone, I am XX, the article I want to read is ..., I want to send it to XXX ..." OK, I'm Bai Shijun. The article I want to read is "Believe in the Future." I want to give it to my sister ...)

2. Audio naming method: article name + long reader name, audio is inserted into the message as an attachment

3. Mail naming method: article name + reader name

4. Please describe the following text in the body of the message:

  • Reasons for recommending this article

  • Your story with this article or your feelings

  • Who are you reading for?

  • Your personal information (age, gender, occupation, phone)

5. The above contents are packaged and sent to the email: 3457664175@qq.com, we will select outstanding works from the draft and broadcast them through the [Read for Love] column

Recording tips

如有推荐音乐可单独发送) 1. Record in a quiet environment. Keep your mouth away from the microphone (you can use a mobile phone) at 25 cm. Try to keep the distance unchanged. The angle of the microphone and the mouth should be perpendicular. Use standard Mandarin, no soundtrack required ( send music separately if recommended) .

2. The audio file length is less than 8 minutes and the size is less than 30MB. The format can be mp3, wma, wav, amr.

3. Avoid other noises such as the sound of mouse click and the sound of flipping the book from the sound of the recorder.

This solicitation focuses on sharing, participating free of charge,

Once selected, millions of fans will listen together.

Looking forward to your voice, your story, your love ...

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