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Whose career does not start with miscellaneous

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Some kind of you hit again

Young people want to do big things, and I am no exception. Entering the door of the workplace with such pride, as soon as I entered the door, my pride was shattered.

I started as a book marketing editor, and I wish I could fill in more than 30 courier orders in a day. My heart was aggrieved secretly. After graduating from college, I was so excited that I came to fill the list?


This is not much, because I am the smallest and newest employee in the department. I usually bring tea to my boss and do errands. I still remember that my boss asked me to record the top ten books in the United States every Friday, and requested that the title be translated into Chinese and sent to the department group. That was the job I was most afraid of. My English was so messy that I couldn't help wondering why I was doing this job.

So, every Friday, I open all kinds of translation software, together with my friend's foreign aid, to make the bibliography before work. This persisted for half a year, until one day the department held a regular meeting, and the girl sitting behind me said that she specialized in level eight. The boss suddenly realized, "Oh, I misremembered that it was you."

Since then, this job is no longer mine, but who can make up for the damage I've suffered in the heart-a boss remembered me wrong, and I carried it for half a year.

Slowly staying in the workplace for a long time, I gradually realized that some small things are still to be done. Because sometimes, it ’s not your turn to do something, and you have no ability to do it.

Last week, I went to meet a well-known writer with the company's chief executive and editor-in-chief. From the meeting to the end, it took about four or five hours. I didn't say more than three sentences.

During that time, I was scalded by the hot teapot, which hurts, but I pretended that there was nothing, I held back. I would never be so calm if I was at home or with friends and colleagues. But the occasion is different, you can't be too presumptuous.

I usually work in the company in a dark and busy place, but when I go out with my boss, I have to be diligent and have a good eye. They have big things and urgent things to solve, and I can do what I can do well.

Imagine, today's boss, wouldn't it be me now?

A young girl just entered the workplace and complained to me about her immediate leadership. She said, "I followed her for learning experience, and she let me do all the work. Printing documents, sending courier, buying coffee ... annoying and annoying."

I interviewed the CEO of a well-known company last year and he made a point and I still remember it. He said that many newcomers are new to the workplace and always want to do big things. They are impatient with small things and are not willing to do them. But the new people are not clear, the details determine the success or failure. In the eyes of the leader, you can't do small things well, how can you do big things.


Everyone has the time to send courier, taxi, open the elevator door, buy coffee, but most of these work when first entering the workplace. When you are just working, your boss asks you to do these little things because he feels that you can do these things. He doesn't know what you need to have the ability to do and whether you can win.

If you want to do more, you must show it to him with proof of your ability, spend some time and get recognition. If you ca n’t even do small things like sending courier and printing documents, will he leave you with important things to do?

Parents taught us from an early age. I add a word here, we must do what we can.

Nothing is done in vain, but many times we have to start with small things.

When I first started working, I did n’t know how to use a printer to scan and copy contracts. It was hard work. Just changing the paper is enough for me to think about it for a while. I'm even more at a loss if a machine jam strikes.

Later I used it a lot, and the paper was gone, so I knew I would go to the front desk to ask for it. Paper jam, learn to take out the ink cartridge, then pull the jammed paper, and then put the ink cartridge in, you can continue printing.

This is a very small matter, but in the company at the time, no one would not change paper and repair the printer, even the old editor who stayed for four or five years was no exception. This shows that everyone has personally done this little thing. By the time I moved from this company, I was familiar with printers. When I came to the new company, sometimes the printer had a glitch and my colleagues wouldn't fix it. Because I did, I know it's easy to deal with these failures.

In retrospect, I can't believe I have done so many trivial and boring things.

Nowadays, I am busy communicating with the author every day, talking about topic selection, designing covers, thinking about book titles, adjusting layouts, revising manuscripts ... and sending trivial matters such as express delivery and printing documents. I still try to do it myself, but sometimes I ca n’t get away. Only interns can help.

Watching the interns do these little things, I secretly murmured—worried that they would be psychologically unbalanced, just like I once thought: "I'm here to make money, not to do these boring things every day."

However, I believe more in one's perception. I believe that if a person has a little understanding, he will not deny himself because of these trivial matters and consider himself worthless. The ability and the ability to bear must be directly proportional. When you have more ability to do important big things one day, you will definitely reduce a lot of time to do small things.

Here, I just want to share with new people in the workplace: small things make big things, and if you want to do big things, you must first sink your heart and do small things well. Of course, you are not a mess, you are a dark horse that needs to learn to charge and then become stronger. When you have enough power and have rich experience and skills, naturally there are many important things waiting for you to do.

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