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On the importance of breakfast

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Eat breakfast to ensure energy

After one night, the body's blood sugar is low in the morning. At this time, energy needs to be replenished in time. Breakfast provides us with 1/4 of the energy needed for a day of activity.

Eating breakfast helps extend life

The International Journal of Food and Nutrition reports that people who drink rice porridge every morning are physically and mentally happy, but those who rarely eat a breakfast cannot reach this state. Most importantly, drinking porridge can prolong life * Researchers have found that breakfast is very regular for centenarians and they never ignore daily breakfast.

Eating breakfast makes it easier to lose weight

Once the human body realizes that nutrition is lacking, it consumes carbohydrates and protein first, and finally consumes fat, so don't think that skipping breakfast will help fat consumption. Conversely, skipping breakfast will make you eat more for lunch and dinner, but you will lose weight and become fatter. So people who want to lose weight must eat breakfast.

Eat breakfast to help slim

Of the three meals a day, breakfast is the least likely to cause obesity. Eating breakfast scientifically will keep us in good shape and eat breakfast every day, without having to worry about the waist size getting bigger. However, eat high-fiber foods for breakfast, high-fiber foods are not high in calories, and digestion is slow, and you will not be too hungry after breakfast.

Absence of breakfast leads to nutritional deficiencies

The nutrients provided by breakfast play an important role in the whole day's intake. Many foreign experts have found through research that if the nutritional intake of breakfast is inadequate, even if they eat well in other meals, it is difficult to supplement nutrition, and in severe cases, it may even cause nutritional deficiencies, such as malnutrition and iron deficiency. Anemia and so on. Data show that people who eat breakfast have better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Not eating breakfast affects memory

肾脏中,而且只能贮存8小时。 According to experts, the brain's energy comes from glucose, which can only be accumulated in the liver and kidneys, and can only be stored for 8 hours. If you do n’t eat in the morning, your brain will lose energy and cause it to decline.

Absence of breakfast can cause stomach upset

Because people will still secrete a small amount of gastric acid when they sleep. If they do not take a single meal, gastric acid will stimulate the strong membrane of the stomach because of no food neutralization, which will cause stomach discomfort, which will cause gastritis and ulcers over time.

Skipping breakfast accelerates aging

If you do not have the habit of eating breakfast, then you have to use glycogen and protein stored in the body to supply the nutrients needed by the body. Over time, it will lead to dry skin, wrinkles and anemia, and accelerate the aging of the human body.

Not eating breakfast causes hypoglycemia

Not eating breakfast can cause hypoglycemia and debilitating. After a night of sleep, the body ’s nutrition has been exhausted, and the blood glucose concentration is at a low level. If you do n’t eat breakfast, the blood glucose concentration will continue to decline, appear pale, weak limbs, and lose energy, and sometimes even Hypoglycemia occurs.

No breakfast causes gallstones

When a person fasts in the morning, the saturation of cholesterol in the bile is high. Eating breakfast is good for the bile in the gallbladder. On the contrary, it is easy for the cholesterol in the bile to precipitate and cause stones. British scholars' survey of women with gallstones has found that gallstones are associated with a long absence from breakfast.

Best time for breakfast

In general, it is most suitable to have breakfast 20 to 30 minutes after getting up, because at this time people have the most appetite. In addition, breakfast and lunch should be about 4 to 5 hours apart, which means that breakfast is best served between 7 and 8 o'clock. If breakfast is too early, the number should be increased accordingly or lunch time should be advanced accordingly.

According to ancient prescriptions, science is compatible.

Ganbei is more than just hangover!

Sweet oyster shell contains more than 20 kinds of herbal plant extracts. After extraction and fermentation, it has rare benefits for human health!

material: Pueraria, Poria, Blackberry, Hawthorn, Honey, Peach Kernel, Gardenia, Polygonatum, Peppermint, Red Bean, etc.

Records of Compendium of Materia Medica by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty


具有解酒、解毒、降血糖和修复肝细胞的效果。 Pueraria: It has the effects of hangover, detoxification, lowering blood sugar and repairing liver cells.

具有美容养颜、祛除黑色素的效果。 Poria: It has the effects of beauty, beauty, and elimination of melanin.

具有解酒,润肠通便的效果。 Wumei: It has the effects of hangover and laxative.

具有降血脂,解酒,保护肠胃,助消化等效果。 Hawthorn: It has the effects of lowering blood fat, hangover, protecting the stomach and digestion.

保护心血管,美容养颜,解酒等功效。 Honey: Protects cardiovascular, beauty and hangover effects.

可润肠通便,用于大便干结有奇效。 Tao Ren: It can moisturize the intestines and laxative. It has wonderful effects on dry stool.

润五脏,解酒毒,止渴去燥,清热利尿 。 Gardenia: Run the five internal organs, relieve hangover poison, quench thirst and dryness, clear heat and diuretic.

可以润肺滋阴,补脾益气,用于脾胃虚弱、食少。 Huang Jing: It can nourish the lungs and nourish the yin, nourish the spleen and nourish qi, and is used for spleen and stomach weakness and eating less.

可以助消化、发毒汗、却肾气、避邪毒;醒神明目。 Peppermint: it can help digestion, toxic sweat, but kidney qi, avoid evil poison; refreshing eyesight.

可以有效治疗水气肿胀、利尿、加速新陈代谢。 Chixiaodou: It can effectively treat water swelling, diuresis, and accelerate metabolism.

How to eat cumin shell:

1. In the early morning every morning, drink Gan Zhibei on an empty stomach (if the weather is cold, you can drink with hot water), note: you must drink a large mouth, so that it can enter the intestines. Feeling less than 10 minutes, detoxification is absolutely unexpected.

2. Drinking Gan Zhibei after meals can increase gastrointestinal motility and help digestion.

3. Consistently drinking Gan Zhibei every day, after one month, you will obviously feel that your skin is delicate and shiny, because Gan Zhibei not only detoxifies the intestines, but also better protects the liver.

A can of cumin shells every day, enjoy a healthy life!

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