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Stop looking for me, I went to see the cherry blossoms at Green Expo Park.

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If someone asks you where am I

Please tell him to stop looking for me. I went to the Green Expo Garden to see the cherry blossoms.

The most beautiful "cherry season" has come, I just walk around, I can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

There is a long cherry blossom lane near the European style garden in the park, and the roads are lined with cherry trees.

Some people say that when the cherry blossoms are the most beautiful, not when they are in full swing, but when they are about to die. The fine petals are floating in the air, one after another, one after another. Cherry blossom is really a sensual plant.

How does it feel when cherry blossoms meet with tulips?

When we stand under the layers of cherry blossom trees, take a breath of floral air, ten miles of spring breeze, drunk slightly, agree on this cherry blossom season together, okay?


After seeing the romantic cherry blossoms, our noble and elegant tulips are not to be missed, directly above.

After watching our beautiful flowers, this Saturday and Sunday we have a cute Pikachu on the stage of the North Square, an exotic Arab dance, a magnificent Dunhuang dance, an ancient and elegant Jiangnan style dance, a creative clown linkage show, a plant war Zombies, pet shows, and other events are taking place in turns. Don't miss the exciting content.

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