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Once there was a girl, a cat and a yard

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Even if no one in this world understands you, no one understands the path you have traveled, but as long as you own yourself, you are not an owner. As long as you keep your yard and feed your cat, you have your own The whole world.

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Author: Peach stone scholar | ANCHOR: Beginning of Summer

Editing Production: Junzi

Once there was a pair of lovers, sleeping hand in hand on the bed. The bed was large, and the two of them slept openly. If they overlooked them, it was like two "big" characters, the left and right horizontal, connected together.

Under the bed is the sea, the whole world, and the black night. It was night in bed, and they fell asleep and dreamed. Sometimes I dream of each other, sometimes not. Sometimes I think of different scenery, think of the bitterness I have experienced in silence, think of going to the toilet. There was no movement outside, it was a whole night, pouring down like ink.

Then it was dawn and they held hands. The woman drew her hands, and touched the man's back, and sweated a lot on the back. Feeling the touch, his skin trembled for comfort, and goose bumps were formed.

There was once a lonely old lady. She moved to this unfamiliar city because of her son. She said that people in this city could not understand the dialects and could not communicate with the indigenous people. Later the son left, leaving her to live alone in a large house. She felt lonely and went out to pick up trash every day. She picked up a paper shell, picked up old clothes, picked up a foam box, picked up newspapers and magazines, and arranged things neatly and piled up. When she was free, she piled up the living room. .

If someone really visits her, of course not, this person will definitely find that this old lady is a natural architect. She uses these strange materials to intersect with dog teeth to build columns similar to Greek temples and Gothic churches. Dome.

There used to be a strange old man. He used to be a soldier, and he felt that speaking with a roar was a manly expression. He got worse ears and got a louder voice when he got old. He is now dried up like a dead leaf, but his roar is like a thunder. He roared to check the gas, collect property fees, and the commission: "Who called you? I saw a stranger I would chop with a kitchen knife!" The threat of boasting is like a dead leaf thinking it is a rain forest. Then others left. He felt that he was scared away, and he was filled with pride.

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Once there was a woman. There is a fig tree in her yard. With this tree as the axis, her yard is like a little planet, and will slowly autobiography. In other words, going out through the main gate is this normal neighborhood, but going out through the courtyard gate is often a strange place.

Sometimes when her yard came to the Amazon jungle, she got a guava to plant in the yard.

Sometimes the yard was transferred to Australia, and the eucalyptus branch reached into the yard, and she also reached out to say hello to Koala.

Sometimes the yard was transferred to the Sahara desert, it was very hot and there was no water, she would hurry to support a white cloth curtain on the top of the small yard, take the water pipe from home, and water the flowers over and over again.

Another time the yard was transferred to Antarctica, and now she had no choice but to close the doors and windows and wait.

Anyway, these people with golden fingers are the most optimistic. They know that flowers and plants will die, they will live, and that winter is spring. There is a yard, and in her, there is the whole world.

Once there was a girl. She rented a house with her migrant sisters. She likes cats. Every day she goes out to feed stray cats. Some stray cats run when they see people, some patrol a distance of one meter away from others, while others like to interact with and be touched by others.

Her favorite is a big tortoiseshell cat, which has blind left eye and only one right eye. It is very close to people, and will scream, and actively kick people's legs. Girls often feed cat food in their palms, and then touch their heads and chins. She didn't see the cat for several days, and then one night it finally came.

I don't know why, it has grown so large, ten floors tall, and the size of the largest dinosaur. But he still walks very lightly and silently, because he is still a cat no matter how old he is. It walked on the road of the community, and it seemed that the world was dominating the world. It was trying to crush everything, but not even a stalk of grass was damaged. It came to the girl and lowered her head.

Girls really don't know what to do. Then she stretched out her hand, and the giant cat finished the cat food in her hand. She touched the giant cat's chin. Then the giant cat left. It's a stray cat, and no one knows where it came from, where it went, or why it became so big.

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