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Yi Qin Enyu followed the road with cars

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"It was raining in Qingming season, and people wanted to sacrifice their souls on the road." This is Du Mu's poem. He heard it from a young age, so that most people think that Qingming was a sad festival. Actually not. In the Qingming Festival, the ancients also like to do some outdoor activities, such as walking, kite flying, swinging and so on.

In ancient times, young men and women sacrificed their ancestors and liked to set foot in the open air and fly kites. Through this outdoor activity, they intended to meet their favorite people. The unmarried woman tied a red line on her right middle finger to show that she hoped for love. Some talents will write their own courtship poems on the kite, and when the kite is flying in the wind, cut off the kite's thread and let it fall to which one. If there is a destiny, the girl who picked up the kite is just moved by the love poem, and the marriage will become.

Then, dear friends, do you also want to know the fate between you ~ Participate in the "Yinzhou Taoche Lele Used Car" April event, not only can you know the fate between you, but also have the opportunity to win a big prize ~

Activity time: April 2 to April 5

Test drive is courteous: You can get a beautiful gift when you test drive any model at the store

Order a car with courtesy: a free 500 gas card to order any model at the store

Gifts in installments: 20% off insurance

Where is Meng Po

Renewal gift: 3 months warranty extended to half a year

Referral courtesy: Refer a friend to the store, buy a car and get a 500 gas card

A special car will be waiting for you every day during the event

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