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Hainan Huanghuali Bracelet Identification Method

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Identification method of Hainan Huanghua pear

1. Smell: The smell of Hainan Huanghua Pear is spicy, quiet, and feels comfortable when inhaled. Other Huanghuali aromas have sour and stinky odors that are not fascinating or even want to suck more.

2. Grain: The lines are smooth and vivid; other Huanghuali texture lines are relatively stiff and rigid, and the overall pattern lacks imagery.

3. Color: Hainan Huanghua pear has various colors. In addition to the main color being golden yellow, there are also yellow-white, purple, brown, red, and black, and any combination or even a combination of them in one piece of wood. Hainan Huanghua pear picture Overall clean, like pure pure landscape painting.

4. Fine Density: The proportion of Hainan Huanghua Pear is generally inferior to that of Big Leaf Rosewood and Small Leaf Rosewood, but it is denser than other Huanghua pears. Therefore, Hainan Huanghuali has small pores on the cross-section and small hairline on the vertical section.

5, feel: Hainan Huanghua pear after grinding and polishing with high-grade sandpaper, the feel is the best in all materials. Because of its fine pores, high oil quality, and good flexibility, the material can be cut at will without stubble. Touching the baby's skin is one of the main reasons Hainan Huanghuali is so beloved.

6. Gloss: Hainan Huanghua Pear is rich in oil. Therefore, the polished finish has a high glass finish. Hold it in your hand or shake it as the field of vision moves, and the light on the face will flicker, and its appearance is often like a satin surface, with a bright flicker.

7. Grimace: The so-called "grimace" is nodule and scum. All woods are actually just that they grow fast, such as Chinese firs, which have large nodules and are inconspicuous. Other hardwoods such as rosewood and rosewood are also available. However, Hainan Huanghuali has more grimace faces, richer and more colorful faces.

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Misunderstanding of Hainan Huanghuali

1. Color: Many monographs describe the color of Huanghuali as "from light yellow to purple red", which is extremely irresponsible. When you open the color spectrum, you will find that this statement covers almost all of the color spectrum, and it is indistinguishable from the color of other hardwoods. Secondly, Huanghuali in the true sense does not have black or dark brown strips of melanin, because this color texture is significantly different from the light-toned tone of wood, and the resulting pattern is impetuous, which obviously does not conform to the aesthetics of Ming literati.

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2. Weight: In the national standard of mahogany, the density range of fragrant rosewood is 0.82 ~ 0.94 g / cm3. However, when buying furniture and wood on the market, it is impossible to saw the next piece for monitoring and then purchase, and The density of other woods is often in this range.

3. Bristle eye: Many books summarize Huanghuali's bristle eye as "wheat ear pattern, crab claw pattern, cow hair pattern", but the characteristics are not unique to Huanghua pear. For example, some grass pears also have obvious "wheat ear patterns", and chicken wings have a more typical "crab claw pattern". These texture characteristics are extremely confusing to fans who are new to the collection circle.

4. Grimace: Some experts say that Huanghuali has a cute grimace. "" Grimace "is a tree bark. All trees can form" grimace "at the junction of the trunk and branches, and some rosewood and grass pears. "Grimace" is more cute than Huanghuali.

5. Fragrance: The real Huanghua Pear is scented, but the old furniture cannot smell it. The scent of Huanghuali is a faint scent, not a strong scent proclaimed by some experts.

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