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Jewelry cleaning and maintenance methods, make your jewelry look new

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The following methods are for reference only

Gold jewelry


Common method (for most jewelry)

水里滴少量皂液(几滴就行了),家里自制的肥皂水也可以。 1. Drop a small amount of soap in the water (a few drops will do), and home-made soapy water will do.

将金首饰放进去泡个5—15分钟。 2. Put the gold jewelry in for 5-15 minutes.

然后用软毛刷轻轻刷洗首饰表面。 3. Then gently scrub the jewelry surface with a soft bristle brush.

再用软布擦干净,不要留下任何水渍! 4. Wipe clean again with a soft cloth, leaving no water stains! Then, your jewelry will look brand new ~


Deep cleaning (for jewelry with blackened surface)

在水里加入少量含氨清洁剂(不是洗洁剂、肥皂水),摇匀。 1. Add a small amount of ammonia-containing detergent (not detergent, soapy water) to the water, and shake well.

然后将首饰泡进混合液里,再尽快捞出来( 不能超过1分钟 )。 2. Soak the jewelry in the mixture and remove it as soon as possible ( not more than 1 minute ).

用水流冲洗首饰表面的混合液。 3. Rinse the liquid mixture on the surface of the jewelry with water.

用软毛刷轻轻刷洗首饰表面,再用水冲干净、软布擦干就行啦,细节的地方可以用棉签擦拭。 4. Use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub the surface of the jewelry, then rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. The details can be wiped with a cotton swab.


Gentle cleaning method

If your jewellery is inlaid with gemstones and the gemstones are still glued on, you cannot contact the water, then you can use the gentler cleaning method below.

用软布沾取肥皂水,然后擦拭首饰。 1. Soap water in a soft cloth and wipe the jewelry.

再用蘸了清水的软布擦拭首饰,将它表面的肥皂水给擦干净。 2. Then wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth dampened with water, and wipe the soapy water off the surface.

最好自然晾干就行啦~ 3. It's best to dry naturally ~

Silver jewelry

Silver products are the most susceptible to oxidization and blackening. It didn't take long to find that it became dirty, so its cleaning methods are relatively "deep". Pay attention to the strength of the fans when operating.

用海绵/软布/软毛刷沾取稀释后的清洁剂,反复清理首饰,直到表面的“黑色”全部消失。 1. Use a sponge / soft cloth / soft bristle brush to dilute the cleanser and repeatedly clean the jewelry until the "black" on the surface disappears.

然后用干燥的软布擦拭干净。 2. Then wipe clean with a dry soft cloth.

教大家一个小技巧,那种小型封口的塑料袋千万别扔。 3. Teach you a little trick, don't throw the small sealed plastic bag. If the jewelry is not often worn, you can wrap it with a paper towel, then put it in a small plastic bag, and seal the opening. This can effectively prevent the silver jewelry from oxidizing and turning black ~

Jewelry cleaning misunderstanding

吧~用错误的方法清洁饰品,你很有可能会毁了它的! OK, after introducing the cleaning method (the common cleaning method for gold jewelry, which is applicable to most jewelry), I will make a few more cleaning mistakes ~ cleaning jewelry in the wrong way, you will most likely ruin it !!

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Toothpaste is a good tool for cleaning jewelry?

This is the most common cleanser, and there are many articles on the Internet that recognize the cleaning effect of toothpaste.

Don't clean your jewelry with toothpaste!

Toothpaste contains fine abrasive particles. It is very clean to brush your teeth, but it can hurt the gems. Because the hardness of these particles is as high as 6,7, which is comparable to crystals, gems with lower hardness than crystals (such as pearls and gold) cannot hold toothpaste at all!


Toothpaste doesn't work, tap water can always wash jewelry?

Toothpaste contains high hardness particles, but there is no such thing in tap water ~ Is it reasonable to use it to clean jewelry?

Others can, pearls are not!

Although not visible to the naked eye, the surface of the pearl contains many small pores. If it is soaked in water, it will cause water to remain inside the pearl, which will cause the pearl to mold.

And the pearl contains chlorine, tap water will also damage the luster of the pearl surface, making it more "human old pearl yellow". Therefore, it is more comfortable to wipe with a professional cleaner and a soft cloth.


Like jade wood, gems should always be played!

Should precious stones, gold and silver jewelry also be played frequently to make them more moist?

Please do not!

No matter how good-looking a gemstone is, you must hold your restless claws. There is an ancient poem: Although a lotus flower is beautiful, it can only be viewed from a distance, but it is not like a lotus flower!

The sweat and oil on the skin may make jade and wood moisturizing, but it is definitely the killer of gem gloss. If you often touch the gem with your paw, it will become dull, especially the lipophilic gem such as diamond, which is more likely to stick to oil.


Should amber and beeswax be soaked in water?

Amber beeswax should be the most popular organic gem now. It has a moist texture, soft luster, and beauty. Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage. If you don't wear it for a long time, they are like being beaten into a cold palace. The princess is tarnished and the surface becomes rough. So, should amber beeswax be soaked in water regularly for conservation?

虽然听起来不靠谱,但这是对的! Editor's comment: Although it doesn't sound reliable, it's right!

Amber beeswax has a low hardness, and even a soft brush can cause damage. So when the amber beeswax loses its luster, you can put it in warm water, take a bath for 2-5 minutes, then take it out, and it will immediately glow ~

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