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"Tennis isn't ridiculous" The ninth season is coming

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An unprecedented super-strong instant noodle "Tennis isn't ridiculous" has recently announced that it will launch its ninth season animation, which will begin broadcasting in July this year. After many nonsense characters return to the screen, this time the hilarious slot will also be richer.

After the eighth season animation of "Tennis isn't ridiculous" was launched in October last year, the official continues to launch big moves after six months. On the cover of the 13th volume of the comics released recently, it was officially announced that the sales volume of this work has exceeded 300,000, and marked "the ninth decision of TV animation" with prominent fonts. The specific broadcast time is in July of this year.

"Tennis isn't ridiculous" TV animation production decision for the ninth season

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According to another introduction, the ninth season of "Tennis is still ridiculous" will still use the previous vocal lineup, Watanabe Yui, Naruko Kyoko, Mimori Suzuko and Hanazawa Coriander will participate in the performance. In addition, with the expansion of the brain of the plot, there will be some new characters in the ninth season, which will make the messy "daily life" more chaotic, which is very worth looking forward to. As a celebration, "Tennis isn't ridiculous." The official Blu-ray BOX will also be released on April 28, which contains the entire content of the first to seventh seasons of the animation. Up to 160 pages of artwork collections and other special gifts.

"Tennis isn't ridiculous" (alias: Girls' High School Tennis Department) is the original work of Lulu ツ, a cartoon by Piyo, and the ninth season of the adapted TV animation will be launched in the summer of 2017. This is an easy-going hilarious recount of the "everyday life" of four female high school students in the tennis department. Although they are members of the tennis department, they almost never play tennis ...

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