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Three Mother's Day Online Marketing Solutions

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There are countless Mother's Day plans at any Baidu, but you are doing what others are doing. If you want to make a new idea and find out the existence of Mother's Day hotspots, you have to make a difference. Events make your brand favorability skyrocket.

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If I'm not mistaken, it's time for you to beg your plan for activities once a year. So, what do you want to do for Mother's Day this year?

Have you noticed that parents' consumption is becoming more and more rational? Whenever an offline event is organized, she knows that she has begun to ask for money again, and the offline event has gradually fallen into the embarrassing situation of "have to do but not very useful".

Is there any activity that can not only lose the favor, but also expand the brand awareness, and also achieve a good communication effect?

Yes, the main point is to firmly occupy the "advertising space" of the parent circle of friends . If you refer to the circle of friends, all you can think of is voting and collecting likes, then you would underestimate the online activities based on the WeChat platform.

H5 spread

H5是某种在微信等移动端看上去酷炫能够提升公司格调顺便亮瞎访问者氪金狗眼顿升膜拜之心就算没有内容也能被广泛转发分享的一种 东西 。” " H5 is something that looks cool on mobile terminals such as WeChat and can enhance the company's style. By the way, the visitor's eyes can be raised and worshipped. Even if there is no content, it can be widely reshared ."

Although this is a joke-like explanation from netizens about H5 tonality, it is essentially the case. As long as your H5 content is creative and can evoke the emotional resonance of parents on "Mother's Day", it will be easily shared and spread by parents.

  1. Mother ’s Day is true filial piety every day

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This H5 reproduces what mothers taught us as a kid in the form of hand-drawn comics: dressing, tying shoelaces, washing faces, and buckling ... Immediately after the sudden change of painting style to the mother's age, she was slow to move, could not wear clothes, When the laces cannot be tied and the response becomes slow, as children, we must treat them with our patience and tenderness. ,家长不仅能联想到对自己孩子做 的事,还会想到自己母亲,目测只要哭的人多半会默默转发到自己朋友圈。 The pictures range from warmth to sensational tears. They are very effective in arousing emotional resonance. Parents can not only think of what they do to their children , but also think of their mothers. Most people who cry as long as they see it will silently forward it to their friends.

2. Growth bill written by mom

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After reading it, it reminded me of a very hot word on the Internet before: If your mother wasn't trying to support you, you would have become a millionaire. This shows all the expenses that mothers spend on their children from pregnancy in October until we go to school. The overall interactive experience is very well done, and in the end it can also give away loving calls. 会,相信在情感刚需加礼物刺激下,家长是会很乐意把它分享出去的。 For many parents, they should have a deep understanding . I believe that when emotions just need to be stimulated with gifts, parents will be happy to share it.

3. Prove your mother is your mother

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The interaction is very good. Test the understanding of the mother in the form of answers, including the mother's birthday, how big size shoes are worn, mantras, etc. After the answer, you can verify the success, and will generate a paragraph written to the mother, you can Send to your mother, compared with the above two emotions more relaxed, entertainment is very interesting, parents after 80, 90 should be more like.

4. Divine logic of the mother

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Many scenes have a strong sense of substitution. For example, mothers often forward some inspirational chicken soup texts, alarmist health care texts, and marriage reminders to their children. They also combine some popular elements on the Internet, such as "There is a kind of cold that makes you feel cold." Gives a kind of intuition "Isn't this my mother?" When you laugh and spray, the picture suddenly reverses, and tenderly tells the mother that these seemingly "ridiculous" logics are love for children, and when their logic When we were defeated, even when they were old, it could be said to be a H5 with tears in laughter.

The production of H5 is relatively low and it is easy to cause transmission . These can be found on the ih5 website. There are also a lot of rich Mother's Day materials, which you can use directly or make by yourself, but in the end, do n’t forget to indicate the logo or picture of your organization ’s name on the last page, so as to achieve Promote the effectiveness of the brand when communicating.

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Poster / Greeting Card Marketing

,是节日里借势营销的标配,就像你经常看到每逢节假日各大品牌都会各出奇招拼海报。 The poster has its own communication attributes. As long as the style is unique and the copywriting is deliberate, it can drive parents to spread and repost, achieving the purpose of agency brand exposure. It is a standard feature of marketing in festivals, as you often see every holiday Big brands have their own unique posters.

You might say that without a professional designer, you can't make a decent poster. Now I want to tell you that even without a designer, you can make high-profile creative posters.


The above two posters range from color matching to patterning. The overall style is simple and simple, from pure to simple, in line with the theme of pure and noble mother's love on Mother's Day. And the copywriting is attentive, and it is easy to infect parents and achieve the purpose of spontaneous sharing. When various agencies are competing in the circle of friends to vote, gather likes, and draw a lot of money, you suddenly send such a heart-warming poster, which is definitely a rare stream of Mother's Day marketing and attracts parents' attention.

In fact, in addition to posters, you can also choose to make greeting cards and postcards. These two advantages over posters are that they can be printed and given to students, so that students can write what they want to say to their mother. Imagine that the parents received their children's hand-written gifts, and they would definitely take pictures and send a circle of friends to show off, and inadvertently dominate the parents' circle of friends.

In addition, when you make postcards, you can choose to quote some poems praising mothers, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. On the one hand, it fits the theme of Mother's Day, on the other hand, you can show the level of the institution in literature. When parents see such a poem, they will definitely think: just rush to this poem, the language (English) teaching level of this training school should also be good. It not only advertises the brand but also shows its strength.

Having introduced so much, or that problem, how can you design such posters, greeting cards and postcards without a designer?

All of the above are made by me on “Creator Posts”. From the selection of the template to the copywriting, it takes less than 10 minutes on average to make a copy. It is simple and easy to operate, and it looks relatively tall. But you should pay attention to attaching your school's logo, picture or recognizable brand element on the picture when making it, so as to achieve the effect of brand communication.


Mother's Day related topic marketing

Compared with the first two methods, topic marketing is more interactive. With a little operation, it can detonate attention . For example, the UC browser launched a discussion on the topic of "Mother's Day should not be on vacation" on Weibo a few years ago, attracting numerous fans. Although topic marketing is generally applicable to Weibo platforms, it can also be done on WeChat.

For example, you can start a mother and daughter / child photo, mother age photo on the parent WeChat group, then bring the topic to discuss "a word that mom has the most influence on you", and then share it to the friends circle screenshot to receive a certain reward, this reward It can be a "parent-child photo" voucher, which fits the theme of the photo, and can stimulate parents' idea of retaining more mother images through the photo. Therefore, this reward should be attractive enough to stimulate their interaction and sharing.

Topic marketing is like a fire, during which new firewood (topic) needs to be constantly added to create a lasting freshness. Compared to single topics, combined topics are a good idea. Taking the UC browser as an example, it used the three-Dalian trick combination of "empty nest report, calculation of emotional account, and opinion leader debate" to poke the pain and tears of the current "drift" family, which caused widespread dissemination.

Let's take a closer look at UC's Mother's Day marketing.

》漫画,在母亲节当天发布在了官方微博,引来万千网友的点赞和反思。 First of all, "Empty Nest Report" is a cartoon of " National Empty Nest Elderly Persons Report" drawn by UC based on big data. It was published on the official Weibo on the day of Mother's Day, which attracted the praise and reflection of thousands of netizens.

“我和妈妈的感情帐”,算一算在有身之年还能陪妈妈吃多少顿饭,逛多少次街。 Then, UC created a Mother's Day H5 page, inviting everyone to test the "my and my mom's account", to calculate how many meals and shopping streets I can accompany my mother in my lifetime. Further guide everyone's attention to the empty nest elderly.

The opinion leader debate is actually a discussion about the topic of "Mother's Day should not be on vacation". The topic is still very interesting. In other words, on the day of Mother's Day, in addition to the "empty nest report" updated by UC on Weibo, there was a message that internal employees could take a three-day vacation on Mother's Day. Subsequently, many idiots and Weibo reds also issued a "request "Mother's Day".

At the same time, Lu Qi, a best-selling author and screenwriter, known as "emotional dad", also expressed his views publicly: How many people went home to accompany their mothers during the same three days of May Day? Don't make excuses for vacation under the guise of family relationships. Immediately afterwards, the famous writer Su Cen counterattacked: "You can't cancel the holiday proposal because some people don't go home to see their mothers." Since then, the two major camps have been fighting, and tens of thousands of netizens have participated in the hot discussion. This is also a debate about the topic of "Mother's Day should not be on holiday".

In summary, UC's Mother's Day marketing successfully attracted widespread attention and dissemination through a series of immediate actions such as the release of big data materials, topic detonation, and official responses.

We can also make a combination punch, which can combine H5, postcards and topics, go deeper and hit people's hearts. For example, the H5 transmission of "growth bills" first caused parents to reflect on whether they are children or parents, and then initiated the topic of "mom in time" to further stimulate parents' emotions, and finally "handwritten love letters" on postcards were given to Mom, thank you mother with practical actions. The three moves are intertwined, which can stimulate parents' emotions and maximize brand exposure.

Festival activities have to be done, but you can choose a more creative way to attract the attention of parents. This time you can temporarily forget the renewal and renewal, and think about how to do Mother's Day activities from the perspective of increasing brand exposure and expanding influence. If you haven't figured out what to do, you might as well try these to keep you a clear stream of Mother's Day marketing.

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