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Annoying driving habits, do you have one?

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Exotic drivers we have seen a lot more on weekdays, and we have seen no surprises. In fact, Exotic passengers are even more irritating. Although the wonderful driver behaves strangely, but he is capable of driving, which plays a major role in the relationship between the driver and the driver. However, some words and deeds of the strange passenger cause the driver to fail to drive normally, and the consequences can be serious. Otherwise, it is prone to traffic accidents.

Therefore, everyone is still orderly by car, don't bother the driver. Today we will talk about those annoying passenger car behaviors, and everyone will look at themselves and see if these stinks have been committed.

1, broken thoughts, keep talking

As soon as I got on the car, I kept talking. It was either short in the parents or a random command. "Ah, there is a big car behind the turn, pay attention." "The car in front is too slow to overtake it". It really upsets the driver .. For those who love commanding, there is only one sentence that I want to say: I don't want to wait for you!

2.Close the door firmly

Some passengers like to close the door forcefully when they get in or out of the car. They also have a good reputation. You can tell how sad it is to the driver and master every time a "bang" sounds, can you be gentle with my car? ?

3. Get off the bus without seeing the surroundings

When a vehicle is parked and passengers get off, regardless of directly driving the door, it is not uncommon to cause accidents due to dodging around the surrounding area. As soon as the vehicle is parked, it is easy to open the door without paying attention to the surrounding pedestrians and the vehicle situation. The people around us are dangerous and harmless to themselves.

4. Eat in the car

Eating in the car is also a very offensive thing. Eggs, bread, and biscuits, which are easy to dregs, produce debris. It is not the same thing to clean up. In the limited space of the car, the taste of the food will be Affects the air quality inside the car, such as stinky tofu.

5. Littering

Some riders have a very bad habit, which is to stuff the snacks and used tissues into the storage box inside the door, and even stick the chewed gum inside. If you change it, As the owner of the car, you will definitely hate this kind of behavior and compare your heart with your heart. Do n’t do it when you ride in other people ’s cars!

6.Shoe removal in the car

The slippers in the car are simply the natural enemy of driving! If it is not a particularly close relationship, you want to relax and take off your shoes when you get in the car. So sore, have you considered the feelings of others?

7, soot outside the car window

When the vehicle is driving, if passengers throw soot out of the window, it may not only cause harm to innocent passersby, but also blow back into the car with the wind. If the driver is driving at high speed, the blown back soot suddenly fascinates the eyes, the consequences may be It's serious. Of course, this is not only a problem for passengers. Many drivers also have this bad habit and have to change it!

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