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We can also live like Trump's daughter Ivanka

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

I thought of the moon

Since Trump was elected U.S. President

Society is mixed with him

But he was very envious of his daughter

After all, not everyone can be the daughter of the president

Mentioning Ivanka had to say she recently moved to a new home

New home in Washington, DC

Also high-end atmosphere

Ran Goose

go girl found

No matter how big a room is, it will be dead without decoration and furnishings.

A home without oil paintings and sculptures must have no vitality.

For ordinary people

We can't live in such a big house

No such a big garden


We can be like them

Choose your favorite artwork to decorate our home!

Let's take a look at the taste of Ivanka

1.The Foyer

This is the foyer, and the mirror wall on the right of the foyer leads to the living room. Opposite the door is the dining room, which welcomes guests in. The beautiful dark wooden floor gives a rustic feel.

The artwork on the wall, and the furnishings in the adjacent room, look a little more serious. What would be different if I changed a few contemporary works?

Replacement works:



Lee Sookja | Printmaking | Printmaking | 35 * 35 cm | ¥ 1600

Ballet Dancer on a Stump

Chen Qiong | Original work | Sculpture | 38 * 17 * 69 cm | 2014 丨 ¥ 21000

Dining Room Dining Room

Elegant restaurant, perfect lighting, the whole room is bright and clean.

Massacre 2 stopped working

Replacement works:



Li Ran | Original Work | Oil Painting | 30 * 40 cm | 2014 丨 ¥ 15000

"Qingdao Ji-37"

Liu Hewang | Original Work | Oil Painting | 64 * 64 cm | 2015 丨 ¥ 21600


Chen Xianming | Original work | Oil Painting | 44 * 54 cm | 2016 丨 Show

Living room

The furniture seems to be modern, but it seems a bit outdated. Let the paintings complement the beauty of this room!

Replacement works:



Pang Weibo | Original work | Oil painting | 40 * 50 cm | 2016 丨 ¥ 6020

"Home Series 3"

Li Xiang | Original work | Oil painting | 65 * 80 cm | 2015 丨 ¥ 4690

Home is one's belonging

The place you want to go back when you are tired all day

Try to decorate your home

You will love it more

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