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WE WANT YOU | The most lacking [operation group]

Public number: Knight Racing Team of Fuzhou University Source: Time: 2020-01-08 18:35:45

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Copy of Experts in Other Worlds txt

I overturned the entire Fuda

Just to find the one who belongs to the operation


Do you think you can only hear the roar of the engine in the team?

No, we also have a sound of keyboard tapping!

Do you think that in the team, you can only see the peerless car repair men?

You can still see the little fairy in the operation team of the flourishing face!

It is said that this is a group held in the palm of the team

After all, here you can expose everything about the entire team!

come! Pretense.

Let ’s take a look at the functions of each group of the operation group.

Publicity Outreach Team

In the promotional outreach group , you can use the camera in your hand to record the bits and pieces of the team's car. The real-time moments of the National College Student Formula Racing shooting .

Responsible for the production and improvement of various promotional materials for the team . Do you think the promotion award is so easy to get! That's what we wrote a little bit!

Our daily life is to go out of the school to contact a variety of enterprises, and to draw a variety of sponsorship for the team, to produce and improve the team sponsorship plan to maintain the operation of the team. Yes, we only have one principle for sponsored projects: everything, not too much!

As long as you have good ideas, we have a big enough platform . You can participate in planning the annual racing culture festival and racing container graffiti competition . You can change the event from black and white to live event. This accumulated sense of accomplishment will surely make you unforgettable!

Here, you can learn all kinds of image and video processing software such as PS, AE, PR, and also master the major publicity channels of the team. We look forward to finding your own unique promotional channel to further the influence of the team!

If you love cars, spread him out!

Cost Marketing Team

Here you can learn how to make financial statements and learn data analysis . Improve the team's financial management system and financial planning, be responsible for the team's fund management, financial application and reimbursement, plan the budget for the entire season, and coordinate in the process of manufacturing the car to create the most innovative, best performance, and appearance The coolest car.

You can also learn how to write a business logic plan and business plan , show your good eloquence at the National University Student Formula Race, and show your racing marketing report to the judges!

This is a large group that shapes the image of the team

As long as you want

You can expose small work stories

Follow up on the sweet and bitterness made by the car in real time, and witness the scenes of the race and the auto show

We need you to bring your good idea and dedicate your brain cells

Onimusha 4 Chinese Download

When you are too busy, you can learn to build cars with the technical team.

If you are a man, then the sister of the operation team is also very good ~

How's it going? Not as good as action!

March 18, I am waiting for you to sign up at the entrance of Youth Square and District A ~

ways of registration

Scan the QR code to enter the registration form page


This time Nasdaq will register online and offline .

:扫描上图二维码下载2017赛季报名表,填写线上报名表(命名格式:报名组别+姓名)于3月18日晚上22:00前发送至K-night招新邮箱: 2878478706@qq.com Online registration method : Scan the QR code above to download the 2017 season registration form, fill in the online registration form (naming format: registration group + name) and send it to the K-night recruit new mailbox on March 18th before 22:00 pm : 2878478706@qq.com

3月18日(周六)一区青春广场、三区A区门口现场填写报名表。 Offline registration method : On March 18th (Saturday) , fill in the registration form at the entrance of Youth Square in District 1 and Zone A in District 3 .

Those who are willing to register can join us to consult us

Naxin QQ Group: 211690769


后续将通过短信的方式告知,面试时采取线上报名的同学需携带打印版的报名表参加面试。 Follow-up interview time will be notified via SMS. Students who apply online during the interview must bring a printed version of the registration form to participate in the interview.

Beautiful and handsome you all have to follow me!


Get in the car


Too late to explain

Fuzhou University Knight Racing Team (fzufsae)

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