hg199305.com Interpretation | Illustrated 2015 State Key Laboratory Annual Report

Interpretation | Illustrated 2015 State Key Laboratory Annual Report

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In 2015, the state key laboratories and pilot national laboratories continued to play a very important role in exploring the frontiers of science and solving major national needs, and achieved a number of internationally advanced results in scientific research, and emerged in the construction of talent teams. A group of internationally influential teams has become the cradle of China's science and technology generals. The laboratory continued to adhere to the "open, mobile, joint, and competitive" operating mechanism, carried out various forms of international academic exchanges and cooperation, and significantly increased its international influence.

The state continues to support national key laboratories and pilot national laboratories, and has allocated 4 billion yuan in special funds for state key laboratories, 200 million yuan in guidance funds for state (key) laboratories, and 207.3 million yuan in special funds for Qingdao Marine National Laboratory. The healthy development of the laboratory provides a strong guarantee.

First, the layout

As of the end of 2015, there were 255 state key laboratories in operation and 7 pilot national laboratories.

1.State Key Laboratory

2. Pilot National Laboratory

Personnel structure

In 2015, there were 33,417 staff members in the State Key Laboratory and pilot national laboratories, of which 23,095 were regular personnel, accounting for 69.1%; 10,322 were mobile personnel, accounting for 30.9%.


Open to the public

V. Team Building

Evaluation results


In 2015, the research work of the State Key Laboratory and the pilot national laboratory has made important progress, and some of the results have attracted widespread attention at home and abroad . The following are some of the outstanding results obtained by the laboratory this year.

1. Multiphoton Entanglement and Interference Measurement

2. The Research of Vacuum Ultraviolet Laser Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy on Scientific Issues Related to High Temperature Superconducting Mechanism

3. Structure and physical properties of sodium and lithium simple and binary compounds under high pressure

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4. Study on Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Iron-based Superconductor Electronic Structure

5. Research on New Principles and New Methods for Quantitative Acquisition of Chemical Signals at Living Level

6. Design and Synthesis of Molecular-scale Separation Inorganic Membrane Materials and Their Separation and Catalytic Performance

7. Synthesis of new fullerenes

8. Analytical Chemistry Basic Research on Biomolecule Recognition

9. Deep processes, lithosphere structure and surface uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

10. The role of micro-organisms in marine carbon storage and climate change

11. Studies on the Linkage Disequilibrium of East Asian Populations and Mixed Populations

12. Antiviral natural immune signal transduction mechanism

13. Functional study of the silkworm genome

14. Myeloid Leukemia Pathogenesis and Novel Targeted Therapies

15. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis and Its Research on the Mechanism of Major Mental Illness

16. Basic research on miniaturized photonic devices for functional integration

17. Theory and method of geometric calculation for visual media

18. Parameterized Design Theory and Application of Restricted Control System

19. Design, preparation and research of several new effects of artificial band gap materials such as phononic crystals

20. Basic Scientific Research on Preparation of Discontinuous Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites for Aerospace

twenty one. Wetting of Engineering Materials Surface and Its Regulation

twenty two. New polymer material and device structure for realizing high-efficiency organic solar cells

twenty three. The Theory and Method of Complementary Combustion Control of Low Carbon Fuel in Internal Combustion Engine

twenty four. Process and mechanism of influence of water and sediment conditions on water quality in river basins

25. Thermal-mechanical-electrical coupling of skin and teeth

26. Creation and Multi-field Application of Real-time Detection System Based on Rare Earth Nano-inversion Luminescence Technology

27. Preparation of Biocatalysts for Directly Converting Polyols and Their Key Technologies

28. Development and application of key technologies for selective catalytic denitration of coal-fired flue gas

29. New technology for advanced treatment and resource reuse of heavy metal wastewater based on nanocomposites

30. Key technologies and industrialization of ketoacid fermentation

31. Key Technology Breakthroughs in Yeast Nucleotide Biotechnology and High-end Industrial Applications

32. New technology for numerical amplification and mixing enhancement of stirred reactor with high concentration dispersed phase

33. Modification of alkali lignin and efficient utilization of papermaking black liquor

34. Key technologies for preparing high temperature resistant hybrid silicone resin and its composite material

35. High-performance tungsten-based composite material and its application

36. High-reliability precision filtering transmission technology and system

37. High-efficiency and energy-saving continuous spiral push flow enhanced heat transfer technology and its application

38. Community-oriented high-availability cloud storage system

39. Key technologies for energy-efficient dynamic reconfigurable computing and its SoC

40. Pneumatic control technology for long-span bridge structure and driving wind safety

41. Key Technology of Large-Structure Optical Fiber Sensor Monitoring and Its Synchronous Acquisition Equipment

42. Key technologies and complete equipment for high-quality and efficient laser welding and cutting in automobile manufacturing

43. Research and Application of Key Technologies for Reservoir Dam Safety

44. Development and Industrialization of Artificial Musk

45. Mechanism of Cytoplasmic RNA Degradation Pathway Inhibiting Endogenous Gene Silencing in Arabidopsis

46. Understanding the molecular mechanism of dinoflagellates gene expression and coral symbiosis through the zooxanthellae genome

47. Cell surface marker genes found in breast stem cells

48. Study on Important Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic Mutation

49. Reveal the mechanism of lincomycin biosynthesis involved in two small molecule thiols

50. Molecular switch that controls plasticity development of rice planthopper long and short wings was discovered

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