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[Humanities · Light and Shadow Station] My tenderness is my main theme, but the tears are your own

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Uncle Warm Contract Laughs

Tenderness is my main theme

But tears fall by yourself

It is a cartoon

它不幼稚 But it's not naive

You might open it now

Then close it after ten minutes


At some point in the years to come you will suddenly

Remember him, open it and watch the movie again

McDull: me and my mom

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A little bit at the beginning

In the run-down corner of the city, the old policeman with a bare-headed serious case team has been employed for 30 years. Although he has broken many major cases and covered with scars and bullet holes, his family situation is a mess. In contrast to the old police, the young private detective Bobbi skyrocketed, and the FBI invited him to give lectures. The related cartoons became popular and it became a Holmes-like existence. After a murder in the back room, the old police had to ask Bobby to investigate. Why is Bobbi so powerful, all this seems to be related to his mother Mai Tai. Pursued by the children who worshiped him, Bobby's thoughts returned to childhood, and the happy and carefree childhood when McDull and his mother lived together, everything was already doomed ...

Classic quotes

· I didn't leave. I just changed places to live in the heart of those who love me.

· We are fortunate to always sing a song in our hearts, so that the hard world will not be forced into our hearts, and the weak hearts will not collapse.

· After that I left, always walked, always walked. I don't know how long it has been or where to go. I went to a place where my mother and I pretend to travel around the world when I was young. When I get to the real place, I think everything is irrelevant. I've been away for a year? Two years? Three years? …do not know. Until I walked to a place called Tianya Haijiao, I looked at the endless sea, and suddenly, think about it, think about it, and eat a bowl of instant noodles. So I turned around.

· Thank you for letting me know you still love me

· I like my job very much, I like seeing myself competent, every time I feel smart, every time I feel smart, every time I feel brave, I really feel that I am with my mother.

· Imagination is what my mother gave me, imagination.

· "My program has taught me that it would be a bit bigger to sleep at an angle, what the theorem says." "Yeah, it's really much looser. Mom, you are really amazing!"

Role information

Role information


McDull Voice-over: Zhang Zhengzhong

5 years old, still a little awkward little pig. McDull and her mother live in a seaside town. Mom runs a TV station. McDull helps out and works together to learn how to bargain on the way home. McDull hopes to help her mother develop. This way, you don't need to work hard, so McDull stays up all night and writes the numbers of Liu Hecai.

Mai Tai Voice: Wu Junru

In the seaside town where she lives with her son McDull, Mai Tai is a household name. She not only runs a TV station, but is also a universal admirer for children. She played a universal household instructor to teach you all kinds of household tricks, Mai Tai has also become a town star.

Bobby Dub: Huang Lei

King of Glory Recharge

Detective Bobby is known as the most well-known private detective since Holmes. His legendary experience has been adapted into a TV series, and Bobby has become a popular idol for thousands of teenagers. Bobbi plays a vital role in the film, and his life experience has a special connection with McDull ...

Big Uncle Voice-over: Li Yundi

Big Uncle is the "most literary character" in the film. He is entrusted by Mai Tai to take care of McDull temporarily. He took McDull to a long distance, and answered many growing puzzles of McDull. He played a very special role in the film, but his relationship with McDonald is still unknown.

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The End

Movie Soundtrack

Dowm by the sally gardens

Arranger: He Chongzhi Original: Irish Folk Song

Love is teasing

Arranger: He Chongzhi Original: Irish Folk Song

· The Detective Bobby Hong Kong Children's Choir

Ci: Xie Liwen Qu: He Chongzhi

· Shan Si Wu Junru (Cantonese) Su Baili (Mandarin)

Ci: Xie Liwen Qu: He Chongzhi Original: Thai folk songs

· Looking at the pancakes

Ci: Li Lin Qiuqu: Deng Yuxian, He Chongzhi

· Yum yum cha cha

Huang Lei Many words: Xie Liwen Qu: He Chongzhi

· Salt lemon the pancakes

Ci: Xie Liwen Qu: He Chongzhi

· Moonlight Song: He Chongzhi Original Song: Debussy

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