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Essentials of pipeline layout you must know

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Pipeline engineering is very important during the construction of the project. It is like a “blood vessel” to provide protection for water, electricity, and heating projects. There are many important points to pay attention to when planning a pipeline, including indoor and outdoor layouts. share it.

External pipeline planning

(1) When arranging pipeline belts, they should run along the road or the red line of the building, and the same pipeline should avoid turning from one side of the road to the other;

(2) Route areas should avoid areas such as soft soil, seismic fault zones, subsidence areas, and high groundwater levels;

(3) When crossing pipelines and roads or highways, the vertical crossing method should be adopted. If the vertical crossing does not meet the requirements, the inclined crossing can be used, but the minimum crossing angle should be not less than 30 °;

(4) When comprehensively arranging pipelines, the main pipes should be arranged on the side with more users or the pipelines should be arranged on both sides of the road, and the crossing of the pipeline at the road intersection should be reduced.

Main points of staging

(1) Phased construction should avoid considering the short-term and long-term relationships separately, and should be appropriately combined, focusing on the near-term, and paying attention to the near-term pipeline construction should not affect the long-term land use planning;

(2) Make full use of existing pipelines when laying pipelines; if they cannot be used, they must be subjected to comprehensive technical and economic comparative analysis, and abandoned or replaced;

(3) The planned position of the engineering pipeline under the road should be fixed as far as possible, and the relationships that affect the building foundation, such as the depth of burial, short maintenance intervals, and flammability and flammability, should be arranged as far away from the building as possible;

(4) The minimum horizontal clear distance, minimum vertical clear distance, and minimum soil depth of underground pipelines shall be controlled to meet the requirements of the standard.

Sequence of arrangement on both sides of the road

It should be arranged on both sides of the road for electricity, telecommunications, gas supply, water supply, heat, gas transmission, water supply, rain, and sewage.

Network planning considerations

(1) When planning the pipeline network, it is necessary to analyze the rationality of the distribution of the main pipelines and determine the specific locations of the key planning nodes and main pipelines;

(2) Draw the general plan of the comprehensive pipeline plan and the standard cross-section of the comprehensive pipeline road, and mark the distance between the electric power and telecommunication overhead lines and the building red line;

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(3) Determine the plane layout position and depth of various pipelines;

(4) Examine whether there are collisions at the intersections and turning points in the comprehensive plan of the pipeline, whether the clearance height is reasonable, and whether the lifting height and coordinates are accurate.

Points for attention during laying

When there are many pipeline facilities or the surrounding environment is complicated, the pipelines should be laid in a centralized manner. The precautions are as follows:

(1) Arrange corrosive medium pipes at the bottom of the ditch; if there is no corrosive medium pipes, arrange drainage pipes at the bottom of the ditch;

(2) Pipes of liquids, combustible gases, toxic gases and liquids with fire danger cannot be laid together;

(3) It is not allowed to coexist in the same trench, which may affect each other.

Contradiction resolution measures for pipelines

If there is any contradiction in the comprehensive arrangement of pipelines, avoidance shall be carried out in the following order.

The avoidance principles for different types of pipes are: (1) pressure pipes to allow artesian pipes; (2) easily bendable pipes to make it difficult to bend.

The same type of pipe avoidance principle is: (1) branch pipe to main pipe; (2) small pipe to big pipe.

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