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The woman who is addicted to bed is always the second man

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The first

He: "I went out for dinner tonight."

She: "What time is home?"

He: "Go back soon after eating."

nine thirty

She: "Why don't you come back?"

He: "Go home soon."

Eleven o'clock. Twelve o'clock. a little……

later. She stopped calling him. Because she knows. For men who keep their promises. Everything "definitely" is "not necessarily."


He: "I went out for dinner tonight. It must end before nine. Then we go to the movies."

She: "Can you end so soon?"

He: "Rest assured. I promise you will be able to!"

It's almost nine o'clock ...

He: "Take it away. I'll be home soon"

trust. It was established in a trivial matter.

The first

She: "Husband. Help me get a leech."

He: "Rock scissors. Whoever loses goes."

She: "Forget it. I'll go by myself."


They sat together watching Korean dramas. She got up. He asked, "Why go?"

She: "Go get a glass of water."

He: "Sit here and watch. I'll pick it up for you."

How poor a woman is. Her only requirement for men is to "pain her." You can have nothing. As long as you hurt her. She has enough courage to give you the rest of her life.

The first

She brought him a packet of hazelnuts. Then she went to do laundry.

When coming back. Hazelnuts were scarcely eaten by him.


She gave him a packet of hazelnuts. Then clean up the house yourself.

When coming back. She saw a pile of peeled hazelnuts in front of the computer.

Women are very emotional. She shows off your consideration for her. It's like showing off a carat diamond. Such a cheap deal. With a little thought you can reap incredible wealth.

The first

He said, "You are the best."

She asked, "Why am I?"

He: "High academic qualifications. Strong ability. Beautiful looking. So good to me." She smiled.


He: "You are the best girl I have ever met."

She: "Why am I?"

He: "You are friendly to everyone around you. Very selfless. Always grateful for life. A person has a kind heart. It will make people around you feel warm. You are the kindest I have ever seen Girl. Anyone who hurts you should go to hell! "She cried.

A person. It's because you treat him well. So I feel hello.

A person. It's because I know you well. So I want to be nice to you.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Caton

Happy lovers. The first should be a pair of confidants who appreciate each other.

The first

He goes to work at night. Call her "Baby. I'll go out to dinner with friends."

She: "Don't you promise me to go shopping with me?"

He: "Someday!"

She wept silently. Why is this always the case?


He called her when he was off work: "Dear. Someone gave me a ticket to the Olympics. Brazil team! I'll watch the ball in a while."

She: "Oh. Then. Okay."

He: "Why are you upset?"

She: "You forgot. Last week I said that my friend and her boyfriend invited us to dinner today."

He: "Oh. Sorry dear. I forgot. Then I'll give the ticket to someone else. I'll accompany you to dinner."

She: "No more. You can eat another day. Or you go and see first. We wait for you."

He said: "No. Promise you must do it. Besides, you and the two of you are like a light bulb. You must be uncomfortable."

She: "It's okay ..."

Didn't wait for her to finish. He told her very strongly, "OK. Listen to me. Pack up. I'll pick you up in a while."

Man, do you know:

A woman calls you a husband. You need to hurt her and pamper her. After all, she will give up the whole heaven for you to follow you.

A woman calls you a husband, and she gives you all her heart, and you become her sky and the world. Except for you, the rest are black and white, only you are colored.

A woman calls you a husband, which contains too much, two people are together, no matter how close the nickname is, this simple "husband and wife" is not enough.

A woman calls you a husband, sweet on your mouth, warm in your heart, endless sweetness will also wrap your tender heart.

The beauty of a woman is hurt by a man

The gentleness of a woman is used to by men

Good man uses his love to raise his wife into an enviable good woman

Bad man turns his wife into a poor bitch woman with selfish apathy

In fact, women are not ignorant. But she needed to meet a sensible man.

I hope that the women who see this article can have a good man who knows you understand you love you, and stay away from bad men who don't understand love.

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