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Better to be an ideal pig than a realistic dog

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If there are idealists in this society, it is our misfortune. After so many years of education, there shouldn't be anything out of touch with society in our minds. Because when I was in elementary school, the teacher told me that you should study well and go to college in the future; when you were in junior high school, the teacher said that you should study well and go to college in the future; when you were in high school, the teacher said that you want to Study hard and go to college in the future. After entering university, the teacher said, study hard and take the postgraduate entrance examination in the future. On the way to education, I finally knew what learning is endless. I really hope that someone will persuade me: there is no limit to learning the sea, and the shore is turning back.

After failing to learn the ideal, I turned my direction to the ideal life. I think my life is very ideal: Elementary school is very well-behaved, I did n’t break through the women ’s toilet, and I never touched the girl ’s face. Junior high school is very honest, never had a fight, never scolded a teacher, never teased a female classmate. High school was very hard, no absenteeism, no early love, no smoking, no drinking, no peeping porn. In the eyes of the teacher's parents, it was a good child who could not find eight sticks. I thought that I had to be at least a party to go out on my own, but after many years I suddenly realized that after reading for so many years, I just avoided myself from being illiterate to rogue and falling from talent to scum. And it was all dog-like youth before.

We have been told since we were young: talk less and eat more. Sometimes we just care too much about the eyes and opinions of others and give up our pursuits and dreams. If you have only read junior high school, your family may say, go out to work for a few years and save some money to ask your wife. If you have studied at a university, your family will say, "Look, my baby, college diploma, I will buy a house and marry my wife on my own." As soon as people around me thought you were a great person, they patted your shoulders and said that in the future you will live in a big house, drive a car, and take your parents to the city to enjoy the blessing. I don't know if it's arrogant, and I can't judge whether others' opinions are correct. It's like two girls walking on the street holding hands, people will admire: Wow, good sister! The two boys walking hand in hand on the street, people also admire: Wow, good friends!

My ideal is to walk around and look around. But the real problem came, I was afraid that I would starve to death halfway before I even got there. So, I was idealized for the siege!

As for this, all my ideals are shattered! I was defeated by a guy named Reality, and his brother Chai Mi Youyan was always by my side, preventing me from resurrecting my ideals. Sometimes I want to travel, I want to go outside, take a bag, bring a book, stay in a strange place, stay in a cheap hotel, eat a bunch of local flavor snacks ... It's incredible to think, but I can only think like that! I ’m afraid to tell my mother, I ’m going to make a graduation trip. The old lady will definitely raise the corner of Lao Gao ’s lips. So much money for you to go to college, all the water! "At that time, how should I explain to my mother, with tears in my face, said that my ideal is gone, I am going to find, life is so depressed, life is so Long and so desolate, this bustling icy city doesn't like me and I don't like her. I want to live my favorite life.

Youth is the male dog in estrus. Anyone who is female will go up and sniff. And life is a cock that has been stung, no matter how hard you try, you can't get back the pride you once had.

I was taught by my teacher that "Tomorrow will be better" and "Better future". After more than 20 years of tempering, I finally changed my philosophy of life into "out of control is small, starved to death is big". And I was fishing heartlessly on the learning path, so that in a school where the teachers are second-rate, the principal is inferior, and the leader is in the school, after four years without care, I have to say a word when I leave. It was a great time for me. This is a more helpless sigh than "You are gone, and acne is still", and it is also a period of innocence in the memory of the saddest and most painful memories in the future.

For many people, the ideal is just a memory of childhood. After all, reality is too realistic, ideal is too ideal, and the biggest ideal is just to use a silky figure to dress a high-rich handsome heart. I do not abandon ideals or reject reality, but the problem is that talking about ideals hurts people and talking about reality hurts self-esteem. Bread and love, most people see bread in their eyes, because bread is really visible, and love exists in imagination. People live for a lifetime, crying, and laughing away. In the first stage of life, parents arrange for us, and the children in the latter stage arrange for us. Think about the middle stage that can be arranged at your own disposal. This is the golden time for a person to pursue his ideal and integrate into the world. The moment you grow up, someone will tell you, you have to be strong, you have to learn to take care of yourself, because you are an adult.

We don't want to grow up overnight but have to squeeze into the adult world. We begin to lose naivety, cuteness, and fantasy. We say goodbye to the past with a mature face, suit leather shoes, and thick powdery shuttle The flashy city, step by step away from simplicity and cleanliness, towards reality. I do n’t want to know how beautiful the past is, just say how cruel the reality is, give up the ideal and live a hard life. If this is the so-called growth, is it because we have lost ourselves or the world has lost us.

So I thought of an ancient story: a little white rabbit strayed into the wolf pack, and in order to survive, he changed himself. Many years later, another little white rabbit entered the wolf pack. In order to survive, he changed the wolf pack ... Which kind of rabbit is suitable for us. Think carefully, both rabbits can. After all, their goals were achieved, and they survived to survive. And it is easier to be the first rabbit than the second rabbit, because we can change ourselves easily, but we cannot change the environment and others. Only people have always adapted to the world, and once in the dust, they will live in the dust for life. We are the same, in order to survive, abandon innocence, change ourselves, and gradually become real dogs.

But dogs are such a mean word. You see, dogs are powerful, dogs look low on people, dogs can't vomit ivory, they look like dogs, they are raised by sons of dogs ... it's because of dogs' baseness that we like it. We must know that "cheesy" is a kind of temperament, but also a skill. How can there be so much elegance in life for us to decorate? In the end, the "cheesy" behavior is all those vulgar things. The real dog is not necessarily a bad symbol, at least he can show that we are grown up, not ignorant children, not young people, but secular men and women who have turned their hands over the clouds.

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We are all real dogs.

In the future, I will also wear a tie and a suit, and then answer the examiner in a dog-like manner about which certificates I have tested and how many awards I have won, and hypocritically say how good I am. Let the examiners understand that you are a self-introduction of talents. In the end, the examiner told you more falsely that your performance was too good, and we dare not use you. In a society where no one dares to talk with the truth, I must learn to be as dog-like, keep shaking my tail, and watch others' faces. Laugh at the boss with Yan, and be cruel to the same kind. You must not gnaw at one bone and two dogs, and simply die at one bite. Successful bosses pursue a wolf spirit, so employees must stick to dog nature. Who told us to live in a time of fighting dads, fighting faces, fighting chrysanthemums, even if we reject ourselves as slaves to reality, in the end we will willingly become reality dogs. After all, society is a melting pot, and it ca n’t hold too much of us innocence and simplicity. Life teaches us the miracle of no pie in heaven. And if you want to stand in the bustling world, then you have to have a thick face, die your teeth, and always believe in a belief: Filigree will eventually have a counterattack day.

You also do n’t want to have classmates after many years. Others are driving a car, living in two or three suites, and having four or five wives. You are still a bicycle going north and south, even your girlfriend is still inflated ... we do n’t have to Comparing with others, just when I saw the insignificant person who was playing hard while everyone was reading, when he opened his mouth and said the hundred-dollar bill as loose change, he would have a sense of envy, jealousy and hatred. This idea of seeing no one else living better than himself sprang up, anxious to kill each other with one mouth. But this can't blame anyone. Today's society is a society that steals money. Some people make millions every second, and some people steal countless Yali. So ah, being a realistic dog is going with the tide. We can whisper and humbly for the sake of life, and treat ourselves as a worldly dust, always be the one who applauds the heroes by the side, integrate the ordinary into the bones, and gradually become a realistic dog.

We are all real dogs.

Wagging his tail, begging his master, lowered his noble head for the sake of reality. We who were so proud of Zeng Jin, and we who were so proud of Zeng Jin, whispered in order to please others. It is said that people who have passed the age of "looking at the mountains and seeing the water is the water" should not write such artistic expressions, because the situation in real life is that many people have no time to think about what is realistic and ideal. A day is limited to the closing and opening of the eyes. In a hurrying day, there is no time to worry about the helpless reality, and in a leisurely day, we will not even think about a bitter future. The bustling city cannot tolerate our simplicity and our thinking. It has only one purpose, forcing everyone into a real dog.

Sometimes we think that our generation is really worthless, and once we graduate, we are thinking about how not to lose our job. We carry a heavy bag to travel around, and after entering the society, we need to live in the most expensive room, burn the most expensive oil, eat the most expensive vegetables, and raise the most expensive baby in the future. Our youth was shackled, but the key appeared just as we ended our student career. In this age of not being a dog but willing to be a real dog, what else can we stand by! Go to work on time every day, get off work on time, and work overtime on time. When you pay, don't forget to glance at the tall buildings in the distance, and calculate how many such days you can buy a room there. Life is consumed in endless hours of work, and there is no time to bargain with the aunt selling vegetables. Such a heavy reality forced us to let go of all our pride and illusions, to travel in a crowded city and struggle for survival. Because we all believe in this saying: Women who do not work hard are left to them only to go to the endless vegetable market and endlessly spread the goods. Men who do not work hard can not even marry the former woman.

If one day you suddenly realize, do you dare to shout to Chaoyang, I do n’t live in a rental house, I do n’t live in a basement, I do n’t crowd a bus, I do n’t buy land to spread goods, I just want to be a happy person ... maybe living It will always be more realistic than we think. After all, in the world composed of oil, rice and salt, you do n’t believe in ideal tears. There is only one truth to be pursued: there is food to eat at this moment, and food to eat from time to time.

We have no reason to complain, because no one cares about you. I also advised myself not to be so cynical, and the big things can pass with one eye closed and one eye closed. Yes! Life is so long that you will always be wronged. Moreover, youth is dead, after all, we will grow up and we will worry about our livelihood. No matter how angry we are, we can't resist the slightest oppression in reality. However, the price of vegetables and house prices will always rise faster than wages, fearing that we will grow old before our ideals can be realized, and we are saddened by the arrogant invasion of our country by mountains and rivers. After indignant corrupt officials yelled at those in power and depressed their plight, many people would also sigh: Hey, let's wash and sleep, we will go to work tomorrow!

One year of Buddhism, the Buddha is around, the thousand years of Buddhism, the Buddha is in the sky. But I am not a Buddhist, I am the frog who looked up at the sky for a thousand years at the bottom of the well. It was the earth phoenix who flew out of the mountain nest and could only land with wings. Whenever I look at an office building where the index can't be counted, and when I look at high-rise housing that can't be bought after 20 years of chrysanthemums, it is not a deep sadness that emerges in my heart, but a questioning of reality, Can the happiness bought by money be called happiness? I secretly said yes, at least at this stage, our happiness can be bought with money. Money is not the source of all evils. It is our rooted dignity. It is our capital that looks to the stars of the city. Learn how to grow up a child from the bottom of the food chain to the top, and how to avoid being lost without having a good brain. This is not a person shouting confidently that "Lao Tzu is a toad", which can attract the favor of swans, because not every pile of cow dung can be inserted with flowers, not every toad can approach the swans.

I always believe that children like me who come out of the ravine do not want the material in this glitzy world. We still have the purity of the mountain spring water in our bones, and we still keep the goodness that is incompatible with the world. Even if the sky is not as good as I would like, I would say with a domineering voice, Grandpa is not waiting, Grandpa is chasing her dream!

But realistic dogs, please don't be so realistic! You see, the ideal pig will challenge you ...

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