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Gino citron fruit grafted to achieve 5 years of results

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Fragrant seed smile, also known as citron fruit, is a scarce and delicious seasoning, because the tree species are wild, and the growth cycle requires decades or even longer to hang fruit, which is very scarce on the market. Recently, a Keno Hill farmer grafted Fragrant Seeds Michelia to survive and achieved 5 years of results.

Qiu Bai is a farmer in Bapiao Village, Jinuo Mountain, Jinghong City. After 18 years of intensive research and repeated experiments, he successfully grafted Fragrant Seeds Michelia to survive, changing the long history of wild Fragrant Seeds Michelia.

At the nursery base, Qiu Bai told reporters that there are nearly 10,000 fragrant seedlings, and he is hurrying to do artificial grafting of these seedlings.

Fragrant seed smile is also called citron fruit in the dialect of the Jino people, which is a delicious flavor that the Jino people prefer. Because of his love, Qiubai basically mastered the grafting technology of citron fruit seedlings after many experiments. After grafting, the survival rate of citron fruit seedlings reached more than 70%, and he could achieve short-term results. In order to witness the true look of the wild citron fruit tree, Qiu Bai took us to the depths of the jungle on Mount Kinuo.

Qiubao, Baowo Village, Jinuo Mountain : "Behind me are two Yule fruit trees. The small one has a history of hundreds of years and the large one has a history of thousands of years."

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According to the data, Michelia sibirica is an endangered species and is a national second-class protected plant. It has evergreen trees, lush foliage, and a wide canopy. There are only a few wild citron fruit trees in the entire Kinuo Mountain. Because of its very long fruit-growing period, coupled with its scarcity, even the food needs of local people cannot be met, let alone the supply market. In order to change this situation and further shorten the fruit-bearing time, Qiu Bai also explored a new method-high-level grafting. Through high grafting, he shortened the fruit-bearing cycle of citron seedlings to 5 years.

At present, Qiubai has planted more than 2,400 high-grafted citron fruit trees, most of which have grown for about 4 years, and some have bloomed and successfully harvested fruits. Qiubai and his family are full of confidence.

The successful grafting of Fragrant Seeds Michelia, and the achievement of results in 5 years, not only make up for the shortcomings of wild Fragrant Seeds Michelia long fruiting cycle, but also bring broader development space for this rare spice market.

Our reporter Fu Li reports

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