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Qiaosong of Shandong: Brewing Centennial Flavor

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是公司品牌化、规模化发展的一个缩影, 像这样的生产基地巧媳妇集团一共有三个,今天就让我们从这里开始走进我区首个农业产业化国家重点龙头企业——巧媳妇。 This is the production base of Shandong Qiaosongfu Food Group Co., Ltd. located in Jiyang County, Jinan City. It is a microcosm of the company's branding and large-scale development. There are three production bases like Qiaosongfu Group. Let us start from here today. Began to walk into the first national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in our district-Qiao Concubine.


Shandong Qiaoyingfu Food Group is a professional condiment production enterprise mainly producing soy sauce, vinegar, sauces and seasonings. The company has large production bases in Zibo, Heze and Jinan. Among them, soy sauce mainly includes varieties such as green brewed series, extremely delicious, zero-added raw soy sauce; vinegar mainly includes varieties such as yomai vinegar and millet vinegar; sauces mainly include sweet noodle sauce, watercress sauce, green stuffed old sauce and other varieties. The company implements strict and standardized program management from raw material procurement to product delivery, and selects raw material resources plus high-quality production technology. Shandong Qiaoqianfu has established an image of "high-end brand" in the minds of consumers.


In Qiao's packaging workshop, the neat production line, the skilled workers, a bottle of soy sauce and vinegar are filled on the filling machine, after careful inspection by the workers, packing and packing, the whole process is orderly. In terms of brewing technology, the wife of Qiao absorbs the essence of traditional brewing technology in practice and combines modern advanced biological engineering to continuously innovate, from raw grain processing-koji making-fermentation-pressing-sterilization-filtration-filling-packaging to storage, one after another Developed a series of new products to meet the taste needs of modern people. It is understood that among these many products, the most worthy of mention is that Qiao's low-salt brewing method has won national patents for its solid soy sauce brewing method. After the green brew series and raw juice series brewed by this method were put on the market, they were welcomed by everyone . The raw materials are selected from 100% Northeast Africa genetically modified defatted soybeans, which are made from wheat or bran without any preservatives, and fermented in a timely manner. The finished product has a bright and rosy color, a strong ester fragrance, and an amino acid nitrogen content of up to 1.2 g / 100ml.


Innovation power is the driving force for enterprise development. There is also an excellent R & D team in Shandong Qiaoxufu Food Group Co., Ltd. For many years, the R & D team of Shandong Qiaoyufu Food Group has always adhered to the principle of "slow work and careful work", carefully selected raw materials, and strived for excellence. Qiaoqian moved the quality and safety control to product research and development, starting with product research and development design, and carried out risk assessment and evaluation on the basis of hazard analysis on the quality of raw materials, process, product packaging and storage and transportation to ensure the design and production. Products can meet national quality and safety standards and requirements.


As the saying goes, "people take food as their astronomy and safety first", and now food safety has become the focus of consumers' attention. In order to further ensure product quality, Shandong Qiaofu Women Food Group Co., Ltd. has set up strict checkpoints in the inspection and testing of products, not only testing the products, but also checking the entire process of producing products. , Bottles, bags, process products to the finished product in each process for batch inspection, strict control, unqualified products are never allowed to enter the next process. To ensure product quality, safety and consumer health.



In order to ensure that consumers can enjoy assured green condiments, Shandong Qiaoxufu Food Group Co., Ltd. invested more than 10 million yuan to establish a food testing center. The center room is responsible for the second sampling inspection of the products produced by the factory and the raw materials used. It can detect more than 30,000 parameters such as pesticide residues, heavy metals, microorganisms, nutritional physicochemicals, etc., and further improve product safety. At home, there are clever daughter-in-laws, who have a good mouthful every day. With a unique brewing process, clever daughter-in-law, safe, green and delicious products, continue to increase market share.


At present, Qiaoqin has formed a marketing network with Shandong as the core and radiating the whole country, covering more than ten provinces and cities such as East China, Central China, North China and Northeast China, and more than 20 stores such as RT-Mart, Wal-Mart, Jiajiayue, and Zhongbai Supermarket. Large chain commercial retail supermarkets have established good strategic partnerships.


Life is short. In games, dreams, lies, dramas, delusions, living in the present, this is the only meaning. Then you should forget and move on.


Shandong Qiaoxunfu Food Group Co., Ltd. was named a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in 2016; won the honorary title of China's Top 100 Social Responsibility Enterprises of Food Enterprises; "Qiaoxunfu Trademark" has been evaluated as a famous trademark in Shandong Province and a long-established brand in Shandong ; Qiaosongfu brand soy sauce and vinegar were included in the Shandong Famous Brand List of Agricultural Products; won three consecutive gold honors in the sensory quality of the condiment industry in Shandong Province for three consecutive years. Adhering to the business philosophy of "first-class products, first-class brands, and creating a century-old enterprise", Qiaoyu is guided by providing consumers with more and better products that are assured and satisfied, creating a first-line brand of high-end condiments in China and a leader in healthy condiments. .

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