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Listen to 1061 Wen Jinling speak etiquette

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Listen to Wen Jinling's etiquette

1061 Listen to Wen Jinling's etiquette

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The archeological ceremony has a history of two to three thousand years, and it has been used since the Western Zhou Dynasty to meet and interact with their peers. The ancients expressed their respect for others in a self-effacing manner through stylized etiquette. Chinese people pay attention to show the "respect" by the distance between people, so many etiquette experts believe that archeological ceremony is not only the meeting etiquette that best embodies the Chinese humanistic spirit, but also the most appropriate kind of communication etiquette. Convenient reasons: You can salute anytime, anywhere; Secondly, there is no physical contact and no cross infection; Thirdly, there is no rudeness: No embarrassment regardless of sequence; Fourthly, it is unisex.

Wen Jinling

Director announcer of Xi'an Radio and Television Station, producer of the "Silk Road Music Wind" and "Silk Road Music List" column of Xi'an Music Radio, and speaker of "Listen to Etiquette" by Xi'an Information Radio. Chairman of Shaanxi International Cultural Exchange Foundation Chinese Academy Etiquette Association, Vice Chairman of Xi'an Chorus Association. He has been engaged in broadcasting and hosting for 21 years. His programs have won a total of 54 awards in the country, province and city. Provided etiquette training for more than a hundred venues for cadres of Shaanxi provincial government, provincial women's federations, government departments, public security systems, hotels, hospitals, enterprises, college students, and elementary and middle school teachers.

He has been awarded as the excellent host of Xi'an radio and television programs, the Red Women's Federation of the Provincial Women's Federation, the advanced individual of the China Drama Festival Organizing Committee, 2 the advanced individual of spiritual civilization in Xi'an, the advanced individual of the "Chuangjia" competition in Shaanxi Province, Outstanding journalist in Xi'an, Shaanxi Provincial Women's Federation "Outstanding Contribution Award for Helping Red Phoenix", Xi'an Radio and TV Station Outstanding Announcer (Host) title, Xi'an World Park propaganda "advanced individual", Shaanxi Provincial Women's Federation Red Phoenix "Outstanding Volunteer" , 2017 China Zhilian Outstanding Volunteer. 2017 Xi'an March Eight Red Bannerman title.


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"Modern Etiquette Training for Contemporary College Students"

"Civil Service Etiquette Training"

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"Key Points to Quickly Improve Femininity"

"Five Skills Training for Service Staff", etc.


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Listen to Wen Jinling's etiquette
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