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Really smart people, why never go social?

Public number: Youth literature Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:02:34

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Many times, it is not the work itself that really makes us tired, but "ineffective social".

What is "invalid social"?

The following scene may be a representative: You ran to a party, greeted a group of strangers, greeted you with smiles, talked about each other, chatted about each other, toasted, scanned WeChat, and left a phone number, but three days later I can't remember who the other party is ...

If you think about it, most of our time and energy is taken up by this "ineffective social".

And this kind of socialization can only make you less and less confident, more and more self-confident, and become impetuous and anxious.

Your own level determines your level. Rather than spending a lot of time with other people, try to improve yourself.

We are changing from external to internal, external resources are resources, channels, relationships, and connections. In the end, we find that bamboo baskets are empty. Internal demand is to focus your energy on what you should do, to maximize your strengths, and naturally attract others to meet your needs.

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This is the true meaning of "seeking others is better than asking ourselves".

However, your family knows the hardships of your life the best, so they will bear with you and let you, even if you are unreasonable and arrogant. There are countless kinds of failures in life. This is the most sad and desolate kind.

The gentleman's friendship is as light as water. Truly successful and intelligent people will keep a certain distance from others. This distance can be attacked, retreated, defended, received, sent, hidden.

Do you really need so much socializing? Any distance that exists is reasonable. We don't need to deliberately approach or walk away, we just need to be good ourselves, and we should approach sooner or later.

The most precious thing in the future is time. Do not delay others' time, and do not waste your time. 多读读书,多陪陪家人,使自己身心愉悦,生活丰富多彩,岂不快哉? Do n’t go for entertainment for a while, read more books, spend more time with your family, make your body and mind happy, and have a rich and colorful life.

Do what you should do and excel at, and your world will be much more exciting!

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