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Ma Jingfen and Dong Mingzhu will attend the China Business Women Elite Summit

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CFBES China Business Women Elite Summit

Asia's top business women's event, 7-year brand guarantee

Headquartered in Shanghai, building a Chinese business elite alliance

Communicate business solutions and innovative decisions provided by female leaders

Expanding women's economic empowerment and participation opportunities worldwide

6 thousand-person summits, more than 40 themed forums / salons / private meetings

Recommended by more than 200 media worldwide and shared by more than 80 leaders

More than 20,000 female elites participated

More than 100 billion assets

Ten reasons

Let them run to the poems and the distance


Business legend ingenuity

On March 7th, in the CCTV Finance Channel ’s most important “Top Ten Entrepreneurs” selection, Gree Electric Chairman Dong Mingzhu overtook Ma Yun and Ren Zhengfei and was elected “the most ingenious entrepreneur in the hearts of the people”. 董小姐将倾囊分享几十年管理经验(制度创新&转型革命&领导力升级)。 The core of "artisan spirit" is quality and innovation. Ms. Dong will share decades of management experience (system innovation & transformation revolution & leadership upgrading).

In the business world, entrepreneurs, including Wang Shi, call Ma Jingfen a teacher, and she is a model for female entrepreneurs. Ma Jingfen, known as the "mother of Chu Orange", and her husband, Chu Shijian, the Chinese entrepreneurial leader, started their business after 70 years old and planted oranges for 15 years, becoming a model for the upgrading of Chinese agricultural standardization. 马小姐将会告诉你:匠心无悔—传奇的“褚橙”品牌是如何炼成的。 At this summit, Miss Ma will tell you: no regrets—how the legendary “Chu Orange” brand was made.


Investment Vests in the Eyes of Global Venture Capital Godfathers

"One of the legendary gods" Peter Davison and "Silicon Valley Business Godfather" Steve Hoffman, with their global wisdom and international perspective, all they see become unicorns. Will the next one be you?


See where wealth comes from and where it goes

"China's wealthy steward" Wang Jingbo, "the father of China's private economy research" Hu Run, these are probably the two people who know the wealth track best. Listen to them, it should be right.


Insight into macroeconomic trends and future investment patterns

"Financial Woman" Ye Tan records her thoughts, anger, and lashes on China's stock market, housing market, and economic changes with her sensuality and compassion. She is the most important female voice in China's economic circles.

投资女侠 李宏玮认为, 无论投资或创业,最重要的部分都是赢 ,而这种行动伴随着巨大的信念,必要坚信这是你的战场。 As one of the top five female entrepreneurial investors in the world selected by Forbes Magazine, " Investment Woman " Li Hongwei believes that whether investing or starting a business, the most important part is winning , and this kind of action is accompanied by a huge conviction, it is necessary to firmly believe This is your battlefield.


This is the best era, this is the era of consumption upgrade

After experiencing the dividend period of the Internet development, the market has the possibility of saturation, and in the case that it is impossible for the mass of users to grow, how to tap the potential of existing users has become a solution to the development difficulties of the era of the Internet dividend period. The point is. So, the era of consumption upgrade has arrived.


Get rid of tags, start a cross-border business, turn around gorgeously

The former popular movie star "Zhang Weixin" is now a successful transnational entrepreneur with a high value; the Golden Horse nominated movie star "Mo Xiaoqi" removed the label and created "Astrological Goddess" A round of financing of 30 million yuan; "Draft Godfather" Xu Zhiwei transformed investment, Established Mingming Investment in many consumer areas; international model Ma Yanli advanced to a well-known fashion designer and founded the "Maryma" brand of the same name. This is not just the arena of the business world, this is also the show for them.


Shang Hai is troubled and poetic

Wang Xiaohui, a well-known artist who has been described as having an "invincible spiritual world", and Yu Dan, a "famous cultural scholar" who awakens the wisdom of Chinese people with traditional culture, are a "clear stream" that disturbs the world. Washing your heart with art and culture, "Don't forget the original intention" in "Sale in the Mall", fully understand the true meaning of life, and welcome greater achievements in life.


Charity dinner to witness intangible cultural heritage

Escape haunted house game

Working with the China Women's Development Foundation under the All-China Women's Federation

Public welfare project to support poor mountain mother cooperatives

Help the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage such as tie-dye, Miao and Tibetan embroidery

At the star charity dinner, many stars in business, culture and entertainment helped the love ceremony. "China's most expensive model team" will stage a visual feast of love and beauty.


中国商界女性领袖50人榜单揭晓 2017 China Business Women Leaders list announced

HEORSE 50 China (formerly known as the Chinese Business Women Elite Value List) was first held in China in 2009. It is one of the most credible and influential business women awards. It recognizes those who have excellent ability and decisive innovation to seize opportunities and succeed Chinese business women leaders.


Finally, the era of the goddess' entrepreneurship has come.

"Big women's sharing platform from New York" goddess, "smart sharing bikes that can be scanned by scanning the code" Mobike and Xiaoming bikes, "Girls First Community" Girlup, Women First Media Youtan. "School-based online foreign teacher course service provider" micro language ... There are unicorns here, and there are also rising stars who raise tens of millions in Series A rounds. Women's innovation forum with hundreds of flowers, it is said that post-95 women have become the main force of entrepreneurship.

> > > 尊享席位 开放倒计时 >>>> Privileged seats Countdown

Targeted Forbes / Hurun list entrepreneurs and business women leaders

A small number of places are open to the public

$ 3800

* Auditorium *

Full attendance seats

Right to visit DreamWorks and roadshows

Memorial gifts

$ 6800

* Premier seats *

VIP seats throughout

Right to visit DreamWorks and roadshows

2 buffet lunches, 1 charity dinner

VIP Supreme Gift

Registration consultation 15874866873


Hong Yan Club (HEROSE CLUB)

China Business Women Elite Summit Organizing Committee


优谈 Martha School of Business, Hongyan College, Maple Investment Circle, excellent talk

Strategic Cooperation Agency

Rococo, Hanse Media, Girlup, TALK

Activity time

Time: 2017.4.8 ~ 4.9

Location: Shanghai, China

Upcoming Events: On April 15-16, a tour of Chu Orange Manor will be held. Consultation 15874866873 to the teacher

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