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Tutorial | Fan Painting Techniques

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Fan face is a special category in China's rich and diverse art. Writing books and paintings on the fan surface is a unique phenomenon in the history of art in China and the world. The fan of calligraphy and painting combines practicality, craftsmanship and art. From the emperor to the emperor, the ordinary people can have different levels of calligraphy and painting fans, is one of the most widely appreciated art. Compared with scroll paintings, fan paintings and scrolls are not as grand and deep as scroll paintings, but they have a stronger decorative interest.

Traditional fan noodles have many choices that make people look cool and cool, while the view is refreshing and themes. There are many mountains and rivers in the picture, summer rains and autumn winds, waterfalls and streams, snowy fields and moons, or lotus flowers, or beautiful colors. Generally, the color is light, the composition is loose, and it is in contrast to the hot and impetuous heat, which gives people spiritual and psychological comfort. On a hot summer day, let's learn the painting method of the landscape fan surface. Friends who are interested can't prevent painting by pen and ink!

First pick a few trees at will, at this time, there is no calculation in your heart. But you must pay attention to the mutual shadowing of the trees, and the changes in height and interspersion. Use the line to loosen, twist, stagger, rhythm, pay attention to the length of the line. Turning. Stuck. Rhythm.

Pay attention to the changes in the yin and yang between the leaf and the leaf. Use the pen to loosen the spirit. You don't need to be too clear. If you are too clear, you will have a stereotype.

With the tree shape, draw the nearby hillsides, and the trees are more flat. Crooked trees, upside down trees, and sloping hills and cliffs. To build mountains with trees and to build trees with mountains must be based on physics.

The pen needs loosening, and the loosening will not stagnate. There must be changes in the structure of the mountain, as described in <The Mustard Seed Garden Biography>: Big and Small, Big and Small.

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Based on imagination, you can draw the distant mountains at will, and pay attention to the relationship between the local and the whole, and the size and density of the mountain structure.

Then rub the mountain while painting, paying attention to the contrast between the weight and the density. When rubbing, be sure to wipe the mountain in the direction of the mountain. Then use light ink to render and draw the bridge and the Coats and the boats that are far away.

Use light ink to continue rendering, the leaves should be dyed. Note: Do not paint flat, see the pen, flat paint is easy to show stagnation, dye hills, trunks, leaves, etc. with vermiculite. The dyeing must be uniform and change. Draw the distant mountains with the ink splash method, and continue to use the modulated blue and white. 赭 Yellow-dyed mountains, leaves, do not use solid colors, solid colors are not abundant, be careful not to paint flat, there must be shade changes. Use heavy ink to paint moss to show small vegetation, pay attention to the changes of denseness, lightness, and wetness, and then paint with water plants, titles, stamps, and this painting is complete.

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