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County magistrate said: chess pieces and players

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One day, the county government ran Xiao Zhang to accompany the retired Wang County Magistrate.

After three consecutive games, the magistrate Wang won, and he was quite interested. He was holding a tea cup and watching Xiao Zhang frowning with a black chess piece on the other side. Zhang, what qualities do you think he should possess as a chess player? "

Xiao Zhang Yizheng looked up at the county magistrate, and replied: "As a chess player, I think we should have a big picture, be willing, look far, and be good at calculation."

The county magistrate asked again: "If you have to choose a primary condition, Xiao Zhang, what do you think?"

Xiao Zhang subconsciously took the pawn in his hand and rubbed it on his chin, and replied, "Be careful."

"That's a good point, but as a famous chess player, I don't think that intention is the primary condition. The primary condition should be to understand chess, to understand the rules, and to distinguish between the enemy and me. Otherwise, you will always lose. The second is to play chess with your heart, to think carefully, and to continuously improve yourself by borrowing the wisdom of others and your own practice. "

After hearing this, Xiao Zhang could not help but stunned, scratching his head, wondering whether the county magistrate thought that my chess skills were not good and he had to learn. So he looked up and said to the county magistrate: "I am still the old leader wise, thank you for your enlightenment. I will definitely strengthen my Go study."

The county magistrate did not respond to Xiao Zhang's answer, but asked again, "Xiao Zhang, what do you think of chess pieces and players?"

Xiao Zhang's heart flickered, and he took a glance at the county magistrate, and stood up quickly, opened the kettle next to him, added some hot water to the tea cup by the magistrate, and said solemnly, " I'm dumb, and I ask the old leaders for advice. "

The county magistrate smiled, took the tea cup on his hand, put it on his lips and blew, then took a sip and looked at Xiao Zhang who had sat back to the other side and said, "Xiao Zhang, chess is like life, everyone wants to be a chess player. , But after all, there are a few people who play chess, and usually these chess players also start from chess pieces, and you can only get the chance of survival and development if you first become a chess piece and can bring value to others. Only if you survive and develop can you eventually become a chess player. If you can't even make a chess piece, how can you play chess? "

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