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(Goddess of Yameishang) Get back the taste of maidens, get back the taste of hormones

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It's more than that ...

Passion summer, passion meet

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Retrieve the taste of young girls, regain the taste of hormones]

The taste of a girl, just these words, can arouse the infinite creative desire of writers and artists.

It looks like the kind of astringent and pure white before the fruit was immature. Some people say it smells like orange blossom, and some say it smells of milk, orchid, sunshine ...

The mysterious girly incense exudes passion and beauty, attracting lovers and themselves.





Walking hormones

This aroma comes from the hormone Hormone, which comes from the Greek meaning of "activation" or "excitatory activity". As the name suggests, it governs the growth and growth of human life, regulating metabolism, growth, development, reproduction and sexual activity.

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The culprit of menopause-hormones

As you get older, does the following phenomenon gradually appear in your life?

  • The days of each month become irregular, and the cycle gradually changes.

  • Began to fear the coming of night, because countless hard to sleep late at night, can only wait for dawn

  • Looking at the familiar face in the mirror, acne and acne suddenly appeared, and I couldn't rush away

  • More and more mistakes caused by forgetting things, my memory annoyingly begins to decline

  • In the face of food, the stomach is not strong, especially nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain before and after menstruation

  • Facing helpless fatigue, feel helpless

  • Began to be disappointed with his performance, emotional ups and downs, and even depression

  • No matter how you control, weight gain is inevitable

  • Women who used to be proud of their "wet" environment don't know when it will start to dry out

  • The "sex" interest in the other half is also getting weaker ...

Have you ever thought that the culprit that caused the above "coercion" may be the familiar and unfamiliar hormones in our bodies.

Walking hormones

In a research report, Dr. Michael Kranz, founder of ESAAM and chief scientist of the Kranz Institute, said:

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  • Hormones start to decrease at the age of 25, and decline year by year at a rate of 15% every 10 years, causing all organs of women's bodies to begin to decline in function, and the skin is obviously bleak and mentally ill.

  • At the age of 35, the physiological body begins to show symptoms of early menopause syndrome.

  • At the age of 45, about 40% of the functions have been lost.

  • At the age of 60, female hormone secretion is only about one fifth of when young.

With the original intention of helping customers to calmly and elegantly fight aging, we searched the world and finally set our sights on Thailand, the Asian health center. This is the country with the largest number of JCI accredited hospitals among ASEAN countries, and is the home of the global founder of hormone balance therapy. The pleasant environment, excellent service, and unique geographical advantages make it the perfect combination of medical care and travel.

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Achieve hormonal balance in the body

Improve menopause symptoms

Fight aging and regain elegant life

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