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[People around the world] The way to go abroad

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Marry Lin Anshen

Liu Yang

Class 13 Environmental Class 2

A senior who is preparing to go abroad

The sophomore decided to go abroad. The sophomore took the TOEFL test and took less than 90 in one test, and went to Berkeley, California to communicate during summer vacation.

The junior prepares GRE and then does a lot of memorizing words.

I took the GRE test in May last year, and continued to practice the TOEFL in the summer vacation. I passed 104 in the TOEFL test in September, and started applying in November. 佐治亚理工,哥伦比亚大学,约翰霍普金斯,卡耐基梅隆等。 A total of 9 universities have now been offered , mainly Georgia Tech, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon and so on.

Seemingly simple process, it takes a lot of effort. Seeing so many offers, is there a hint of envy in everyone's hearts? This is the result of a senior's senior student's hard work. talk!

Students abroad must mention! early! regulation! Draw!

1. The grade must be maintained

2. Don't let students work and study conflict

对自己时间的规划要详细明确,每一年每一个假期自己做什么要清楚 3. Plan your time in detail, and do what you do every year and every holiday.

主动去找学院的教授做科研 如果要出国科研越早越好 4. Go to the college professor to do research

丰富科研背景认真学英语 ,额外的可以参加数模之类比赛,交流,实习等丰富经历All in all, in short, it is necessary to maintain a grade point , enrich the scientific research background , study English seriously, and additionally participate in mathematical and other types of competitions, exchanges, internships and other rich experiences .

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各个年级,侧重点应该有所不同: The focus should be different for each grade:

一定要考好点,美国名校很在意数学成绩。 The freshman must have a good test in high school. American famous schools are very concerned about math results.

,试着做做科研 ,要出国要开始做规划。 Sophomore maintains grade points , try to do scientific research , and start planning when going abroad.

搞定! The junior must be desperate, get the TOEFL GRE !

So it must be a huge surprise for the seniors ~

That's it for this issue

I wish you all the best in your four years at university!

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