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Makeup brushes are not washed for thousands of years.

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For delicate makeup, makeup brushes are essential items, foundation brush, loose powder brush, eye shadow brush, blush brush, lip brush

A delicate makeup requires so many brushes, but you know, allergic acne on your face is probably because of the brushes. If you do n’t clean them for a long time, the makeup brush becomes a disfiguring brush.

In particular, wet brushes such as foundation brushes, if not cleaned in time, the bacteria that grow on the bristles will make the makeup brush into a disfiguring brush.

I have asked my colleagues how to clean their brushes before, "I wash with makeup remover oil" "Generally I use washing spirits! I have strong degreasing power! I wash cleanly!" What can't I wash a brush ?! "

My colleagues' answers made me exclaim, I even bought Karma! Is it really good to treat the brushes that make you beautiful every day in such a rough way? ? ? Look down the right way, don't forget to click on the top right corner of the collection in case you need it.

Brushes are not cleaned until they are dirty. Wet brushes such as foundation brushes and eyeliner brushes are very prone to bacterial damage to the skin. They must be cleaned for up to ten days. Wash once every two to three months.

The cleaning brush must not be rough! Rubbing back and forth, and drying with a hair dryer are all very wrong. Doing so will only leave your brushes "washed" and there is no possibility of recovery.

The correct method is to use clean water and wet it in the natural direction of the brush.

Clean the product with a special paintbrush and gently brush it back and forth

If the brush is dirty, there are many cleaning brushes on the market

Looking at the shape, is it a bit like a washboard used by moms when they were young?

In fact, the principle is the same. The cleaning power is greatly doubled without messing up the bristles. Then use a running water to clean the cleaning agent, and gently squeeze the bristles with your hands. If the water flowing out is clear, it means Already completely cleaned


After cleaning, use a towel and gently squeeze the moisture out of the brush

Let it dry naturally in a cool, ventilated place, pay attention! But you can't expose it to the sun for urgent needs! Or blow dry with a hair dryer!

The method of washing the brush is so simple, but again, after washing it, you must wash it gently in the direction of the hair, so that the bristles will not bloom ~

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[Japan Daiso Puff Cleaner]

Daiso Puff Cleaner is a good helper for puff cleaning. It uses facial cleansing material as the main body, which can make the puff after washing touch the face with peace of mind, sterilization, deodorization, no fragrance, no coloring, clean and not It hurts the puff or makeup brush, and it is as clean as new after drying!

[ MAC cleaning agent]

This product cleans, disinfects and adjusts the brush fibers to extend the life of the makeup brush. The smell is fresh and natural, which helps reduce drying time.

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