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The greatest courage is to live what you like

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Seven inches of fiction

Her portraits have appeared on the covers of more than 500 magazines in more than 50 countries.

Her wonderful performance in film and television works is fascinating, and her 14-year cooperation with Lancome has made her image deeply rooted.

She's the sexy goddess of Hollywood-Isabella Rossellini (Isabella Rossellini).


However, when one day the goddess faced the loess back to the sky and raised chickens, vegetables and cattle, she did not give any sense of disobedience.


Born with a golden spoon, she is destined to shine


Born in Rome in June 1952, Isabella was destined to attract the attention of thousands of people since she was born.

Because her mother is Ingrid Bergman, who won the Academy Awards three times, and her father is the famous Italian film master Roberto Rossellini (Roberto Rosselli). Neh).

However, fate seemed to be a joke with Isabella, her childhood was more painful than many ordinary children.


Isabella has had congenital spinal deformity since she was a child and has undergone brutal surgery since she was 6 years old. The trauma from childhood left an imprint on Isabella's back, and the pain she suffered when she "transformed" eventually turned into a confident smile on her face.

In his youth, Isabella often wore a short hair, never thought of being a star, and was very independent at a young age.

《卫报》这样写道: The Guardian wrote:

"She was, however, determined to be financiallyindependent from a young age."

"However, she decided to achieve economic independence when she was young."

Isabella has her own ideas. She didn't settle down with the situation, but wanted to create her own life.

When she was 19, she was proficient in three languages and came to New York alone to become a journalist for Italian Radio and Television.

《访谈》杂志曾这样写道: Interview magazine wrote:

"She snuck, stumbled, wandered, and wondered her wayinto creating something utterly her own, something wholly representative of hertastes, her appetites, and beliefs."

"She has groped, stumbled, and wandered, and she also wants to know how to create something that is completely her own, something that completely represents her taste and belief."

At the age of 27, she met the director Martin Scorsese in an interview, and the two quickly fell in love and got married.

In the second year after marriage, her friend accidentally snapped a picture of her, and Isabella was accidentally caught by Vogue because of this. Her modeling career came so suddenly.

Compared to the model who debuted very early, Isabella does not seem to have any advantage in age, but she has not only the graceful and gentle mother from Nordic, but also her father's Italian-style romantic passion.

This allowed her to radiate mature and intellectual beauty from the inside out, so more and more people worshiped under her talent.

Isabella's life was like a hang-up. At the age of 30, she became the spokesperson for Lancome. At that time, the charming and sometimes fresh face became synonymous with beauty and fashion.

That year, everything stopped abruptly

However, fate made her climb down a dazzling cloud ladder, and then she fell heavily again. When she was 44 years old, Lancome cancelled her contract because of the traces of her face.

Starcraft 7v1 map

At the same time, her husband divorced her, and Isabella suffered a double blow from her career and her family.

From the endless scenery, the most expensive model enjoying flowers and applause, suddenly became a single mother without a job and love. It all came so unexpectedly that she began to become helpless, lost, confused, and upset.

However, she knew that she could not fall, at least for her beloved child.

Although Isabella was desperate, in order to take up the burden of her mother, after fading out of the entertainment industry, she did not choose to be an ordinary employee, but instead rented a rural farm to focus on farming life.

No one had ever imagined that the model who had held the highest salary now became a rural peasant woman who cultivated land and raised chickens.

Bright smile for the rest of your life


The power of nature is endless. In the cultivation and harvesting facing the loess and the sky, in the Garden of Eden where the roar of the dogs and the years change, Isabella gradually understands the principle of the cycle of life, and accepts that it is only natural to grow old The law.

Isabella is busy taking care of her crops during the day and spending time with her children at night. On the weekend holiday, I invited the children in the village to have a party. Every day was full and beautiful. She seemed to have a new life.

Isabella is happy to make a wise decision herself:

"When you're young, there is so much pressure, because you work, you need money. As you grow older, the focus becomes clearer and clearer, if you like."

"When you were young, there was so much stress because you needed money to work. As you get older, if you are willing, the things you want to focus on become more and more certain."

Today, Isabella, although she has passed the age of a girl, she has a youthful energy in her heart. She has become more beautiful and happier.


Here she is a mother, a peasant woman, and a person who lives for herself. Because she knew that happiness was in her own hands.


When you find yourself starting to get older every day, the traces of years relentlessly climb up to the corners of your eyes and forehead, don't panic, because happiness does not die away with age. Although time is like an arrow, and his face is easy to grow old, he still needs to maintain a passion for life and a strong heart that will never die.


As long as we have a passion for life, we will never grow old! Hurry up and communicate with your foreign consultants now to make English your advantage!


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