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Losing weight through exercise does not mean that it is ineffective

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Many people think that the more effective the weight loss during exercise is, the better the effect is. Without sweating, is there no fat consumption? In fact, the effect of exercise to reduce fat is not necessarily related to sweating. In some specific cases, the more sweating, the better the fat-reducing effect. What are the specific situations? The same person at the same ambient temperature and humidity, wearing the same clothes and doing the same exercise, the more sweating at this time, the more general The greater the intensity of exercise, the better the effect of reducing fat.

But in most cases, sweating and how much sweat does not reflect the effect of fat loss, because people sweat to heat, regulate body temperature, and exercise will raise the temperature of our body to a certain extent, The hypothalamus of our brain will generate a signal to allow sweat glands to start sweating to cool the body.

So when you exercise, how much sweat you can't sweat, mainly depends on the temperature of the body, and the temperature of the body is related to the temperature of the environment, the humidity of the environment, and how much clothes we wear. At the same speed, each runs for 20 minutes. The amount of sweat that runs in winter is different from that in summer. The amount of sweat that runs in a t-shirt and a sweater is not the same, but there is still so much exercise and the consumption is still So many calories, so how much fat should be reduced or how much fat.

How to improve fat burning effect

1.Treadmill + dynamic bike with sports

Devices such as treadmills and steppers can burn the most heat because they can gently move to the muscle groups of the whole body. The data shows that running on a treadmill can consume 200 calories in about 19 minutes, while a sports bike takes 32 minutes to achieve the same effect.

However, a study in Massachusetts, USA suggested that different cardiopulmonary exercises can be matched with each other in a 3: 1 time ratio to achieve better results.

Therefore, turning your 60-minute run into a 45-minute run and a 15-minute exercise bike will increase the effect by 15% for the same exercise time.

2. Get out of the gym

Windy and sunny days are most suitable for outdoor sports. This is a view that even sports medical experts support. Running or walking at the same time and intensity will consume 3-5% more calories outdoors.

This is because when our body is outdoors, to adapt to changes in the environment such as wind speed and terrain, we need to mobilize more physical functions to participate in sports, and naturally consume more energy than on a treadmill. In addition, the fresh air and changing scenery will make you unknowingly forget the fatigue of exercise.

Of course, you may not be able to perform outdoor sports every day, so changing the mode of the dynamic bicycle to "random" or increasing the slope of the treadmill by 1-5% will have different effects.

3. Coffee before exercise

Bananas can be converted to glucose in a short time and provide energy quickly, so many people are used to eating a banana before exercising. But a new Australian study finds that drinking a cup of coffee before exercise is better than eating a banana!

Caffeine can increase the utilization of fat in our muscles during exercise, and a cup of coffee (about 94 mg of caffeine) before exercise can increase fat burning by 3%, and the effect of weight loss is naturally faster and more obvious.

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