www.hg128ll.com Hundreds of millions of people from China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia splashed water together, the biggest carnival on earth

Hundreds of millions of people from China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia splashed water together, the biggest carnival on earth

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Songkran Festival, also known as Songkran Festival, is the New Year in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries. Every year from April 13th to 15th, people in these countries splash water on each other as a blessing.

The Songkran Festival is a traditional festival of the Dai, Thai, and Southeast Asian nations. On the same day, people from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries, as well as overseas Thai settlements such as Kowloon City in Hong Kong and Zhonghe District in New Taipei City, Taiwan, got up early in the morning. After bathing the ritual buddha, celebrations continued for several days. During this time, everyone poured pure water on each other and prayed to wash away the past year's troubles.

From April 13 to 15, 2017, hundreds of millions of people from five countries including China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia splashed water together. This is the world's largest carnival.

Every year in Xishuangbanna, Dehong, Pu'er, Lincang and other places where the Dai people live, millions of Dai people splash water with tourists from all over the world. We wish each other good luck, happiness and health. The Songkran Festival is a traditional festival for the people of the Dai people to send the old and the new, and has a history of thousands of years.

The Water Splashing Festival of the Qiang people is also called "Buddha Festival". It is a festival from Buddhism. The Water Splashing Festival originates from India and is a ritual of ancient Brahmanism. It was later absorbed by Buddhism and is part of Theravada Buddhism. In addition to bathing, washing your hair, cutting your hair, changing your clothes, and washing the statues and stupas on this day.

"Shuihuafang, Jiajiakang", people use copper bowls, washbasins, and even buckets to hold water, play and chase in the streets, alleys, the water behind them, and the water behind them is poured in as much as possible, people are soaking wet Elated, full of laughter.

云南泼水节 " Yunnan Water Splash Festival "

In Yunnan, ethnic minorities such as the Wa, De'ang, Achang, Bulang, and Wa have all celebrated this traditional festival.

The staff of Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Park rode an elephant and greeted friends who came to splash water.

集的地区,到处都是泼水的人群。 During the Songkran Festival, in Banna, Dehong, Lincang, Pu'er, Kunming ... In areas where the Dai people gather , there are crowds of water splashing.

地,一年四季,人们都可以在这里自由放松,泼水狂欢! The She Nationality Garden is a holy place for splashing water. People can relax and splash in the water all year round!

,泼水狂欢! Figure wars, splashing water carnival!

爱过泼水节了! Like the Dai people, elephants love the Songkran Festival!

,最终还是逃不脱象鼻喷泉。 I want to escape by car, but I still can't escape the elephant trunk fountain.

No! 托车也不放过。 Not even a motorcycle.

foreign Girl in bikini splashing water, man is not happy.

Dude, you're really good to see babes! Anyway, you should be more pitying and fragrant! 子穿那么少,感冒了怎么办? Foreign sisters wear so little, what to do if they catch a cold?

亮! Speaking of beauty, our sisters are more beautiful than foreign girls!

兄弟也不放过。 Even the armed police brothers on duty did not let go.

身才是人生最幸福的时刻。 It turned out that getting wet is the happiest moment in life.

娃也来云南泼水。 Perak Jiaowa also came to Yunnan to splash water.

动泼水车 Pickup trucks, pickup trucks, tractors ... all become mobile water splashers

向天空。 One, two, three, come to the sky together.

爽! You can feel the coolness across the screen!

Water splash dancing in the air

Asura's Wrath Ending

打起水战来,好生勇猛。 The monk fought fiercely.

泰国泼水节 " Thai Songkran Festival "

Songkran Festival in Thailand (April 13th to 15th) is also known as Songkran Festival. It is the Thai New Year and the most important and unique festival in Thailand throughout the year. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. Seductive, the scene is fragrant and lively. Thailand's Songkran Festival beautiful women wet body show big breasts, girls from all over the world are sexy and gorgeous.

This year, Thailand will hold colorful water festival celebrations in 14 capitals, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Sukhothai, to promote the inheritance of national culture and enhance the national image.

According to custom, during the day, people will go to the temple to build sand towers, put flags to present flowers, and pray for the harvest of grains. At night, sprinkle perfume impregnated with petals on the arms and backs of the elders to express their best wishes to the elders. Dripping water on the heads of the younger people is a blessing from the elders.

Over the years, splashing water has been regarded as a symbol of cleansing and purification-today it has evolved into a national holiday to fight against water. And the Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand is known for its madness.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is home to backpackers all over the world. Most of them are young people who interact with each other. You may be wet and dirty with water and flour scattered by a stranger with a mouth open and laughing, but it is also the smartest and most crazy. The water-splashing festival in Chiang Mai is colorful and famous for its beauty. The water-splashing festival will have a "Missing Water Splash" beauty pageant at the same time.

老挝泼水节 " Laos Songkran Festival "

Songkran Festival is also called Songkran Festival in Laos, which is a traditional New Year festival in the local area. It is best to feel the Songkran Festival in the temple, because it is the most lively and most Lao style place. People celebrating will prepare food and beer, sing and dance, and pour water while eating and drinking, sometimes for a whole day.

During the festival, in addition to splashing water, there are also lively bathing Buddhas, sand piles, trowel dust, and talcum powder. Many days before the Songkran Festival, some young people and children who could not wait could have been at the doorstep or the roadside of their homes, "sneak attacking" their peers with water scoops.

Every year in Luang Prabang, seven young girls with outstanding looks and good manners are selected as "Ms. Song Qian". They are dressed in costumes and participate in important activities such as float parades and pray for everyone. This has also become an event A beautiful landscape.

缅甸泼水节 " Myanmar Songkran Festival "

The Songkran Festival is equivalent to the Spring Festival in Myanmar. It officially begins on April 13th every year and lasts for three days. In the hottest days, all Burmese people will go to the streets, accept water from water guns, water scoops, buckets, or pour water on others. Everyone laughs, this is a national carnival.

According to Burmese customs, during the festival, regardless of gender, young or old, you can pour water on each other, which means washing the old and welcoming the new. An elegant person, using a fragrant cherry flower branch, dipped the water with rose petals dipped in a silver bowl, and gently shook it on others. Ordinary people like splashing whole barrels and even basins, and even spraying with water pipes. Children will not be scolded by spraying water guns on adults. The more people are splashed, the more happy they are, because water symbolizes happiness.

Regarding the Songkran Festival, there is another story in the history of China-Myanmar friendship. In April 1960, when Premier Zhou Enlai and Marshal Chen Yi, respected by the Chinese people, visited Myanmar, they were in time for the Songkran. Water blessing, like a family.

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