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Causes of blackhead formation

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The surface layer of sebum that clogs pores is directly exposed to the outside. The contact with air and dust in the air is caused by the oxidation of skin oil in the air.
Reasons for the formation of blackheads
Blackheads are actually a condition of keratinous embolism. The excessive secretion of fat causes the keratin metabolism to be blocked and blocked in the pores. The fat is hardened and exposed to the surface of the air. After oxidation, it becomes black, so blackheads are formed.
The cause of oily skin is generally these two conditions
1.The skin is dehydrated and the oil and water caused by the imbalance of water and oil are severe.
2, oily skin, the skin itself is prone to oil
Because it is caused by oil, it is usually accompanied by acne, whiteheads, and enlarged pores.
Ideas and methods for preventing and solving blackheads:
Cleans the skin, dredges pores, replenishes moisture, promotes water-oil balance, and suppresses oil production
For blackhead solutions ...
Cleansing milk
Hydrating Mask Grape
Blueberry mask
Faucet mask for oil control
The cleanser cleans the skin completely and removes excess oil, keratin and dust from the skin surface.
Generally it is oily skin, put some effort on the empty oil, apply zinc gluconate, take vitamin B6 orally to reduce oil intake
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