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Audi's original certification "AO" tire advantages revealed

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Safety, comfort, energy saving, and durability. Each Audi original certified tire bears the driver's many pursuits for a high-quality driving experience and safe driving, and always can bring drivers beyond expectations. Reliability comes from the strict control of each tire by the original Audi certification system.

"AO" stands for Audi original certified tire

Quality above everything else-Audi original certified tires

Every tire has to pass the tests of the Audi wheel test bench and extreme road conditions. Audi's professional roller test bench passed the certification of TUV Sud SÜD Technical Inspection Agency in early 2012, marking that Audi can now perform official tests for EU tire labels.

Audi original certified tires must pass multiple test indicators of the roller test bench

The test sections for extreme conditions are selected from many of the most difficult and complicated sections in the world, in order to fully test the driving quality of tires.

Audi original certified tires tested on dry roads

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Water wading performance is also an important test content of Audi original certified tires

Audi original certified winter tires and

Four Seasons tires are specially tested on snow-covered roads

Each Audi original certified tire requires more than two years and 50 rigorous tests (traction, off-road, grip, strength, fatigue, wet and dry road control, etc.). At the same time, through stricter drainage and high-speed stability tests than in the industry, we can obtain the selection and recommendation of Audi's global engineering certification system, and then we can print Audi's unique "AO" certification mark on the tire.

Connects every bit of life, confirming the outstanding quality of safety, reliability and environmental protection. No matter the scorching sun, wind and rain, or snow and ice, it still brings care and fun outside the vehicle. Tires, everywhere.

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